Pinecone Crafts For Christmas

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Pinecones are one of the most abundant and simple to use materials for Christmas decorations. Whether you gather them from your yard, or purchase them from a craft store, use pinecones as beautiful home décor, children's crafts and functional table pieces. Pinecones come in a variety of shapes and sizes, giving you a wide range of material to work with.

Window Charms

Create whimsical window charms with pinecones and string or ribbon. Glue a string/ribbon bow to the top of the pinecone, and allow to thoroughly dry. Tie one long (six to 12 inches) piece of string or ribbon to the bow, so the pinecone can be hung. Tie small bells to the bottom of the pinecone if you'd like, then hang in a window or doorway. Group several pinecone charms of various lengths for a wind chime-like effect.

Pinecone Crafts For Christmas


One easy way to give average pinecones a modern and elegant twist is with the simple use of spray paint. In a well-ventilated area, paint pinecones silver, gold, white, red or green, depending on your Christmas design theme (red and green for a traditional design scheme, metallic for an elegant look). Once your pinecones have completely dried, stack them in bowls, vases or pails, set on your fireplace mantel or even hang them on your Christmas tree.

pinecone crafts for christmas


Glitter can easily create the look of snow, or make a glamorous Christmas décor piece. Place dabs of glue on the edges of a pinecone and sprinkle with white glitter for the look of snow. For a more extreme glitter pinecone, paint the entire pinecone with glue, then roll in silver, white, gold, blue, red or green glitter.

Pinecone Crafts For Christmas

Pinecone Crafts For Christmas

Pinecone Crafts For Christmas

Pinecone Crafts For Christmas


Trade the traditional pine or tinsel garland for a handmade pinecone option. Gather enough pinecones outside (or from a craft store) to span the length of your fireplace mantel or windows, leaving about three inches between each pinecone. Wrap thin string or twine around the top of the pinecone, until each one is securely fastened. You can also attach small pine boughs for added color between each cone.

Christmas Bird Feeder

Continue the holiday spirit outside by creating a pinecone bird feeder. Attach a string to the top of your pinecone. Completely cover the pinecone with peanut butter, then roll in birdseed. Hang the pinecone on a tree easily seen from a window, and enjoy the wildlife as they visit your handmade birdfeeder.

Pinecone Crafts For Christmas

Wax Pinecones

Create colorful pinecone decorations and ornaments with this easy trick. Melt crayons or wax from a craft store in a microwavable cup, then dip the pinecones in, until thoroughly covered. Allow the pinecones to dry, then hang from your Christmas tree, or use around the house as décor.

Place Holders

For a natural name cardholder in the dining room, simply wedge name cards into a pinecone, and set at each guest's plate.


Attach bells to the bottom of pinecones with string and glue. Tie the pinecones to your door handle for a slight jingle each time the door is opened.


Have kids create animals with pinecones, googly eyes, paint and pipe cleaners from a craft store. Paint the pinecones the appropriate color for penguins, reindeer, snowmen, owls or other creatures, then glue on their eyes once the paint is dry. Use pipe cleaners for other accessories and body parts.

pinecone crafts for christmas

Scented Pinecones

Easily turn pinecones into natural air fresheners with the use of your favorite scented oil. Place several pinecones in plastic bags, and lightly drizzle with scented oil. Seal the bag, and allow the pinecones to sit overnight. The next morning, place the pinecones in a decorative bowl and enjoy the oil's fragrance. You can also use holiday spices like nutmeg and cinnamon to create scented pinecones. Just coat the pinecones with glue, then cover with the spice and seal in a plastic bag overnight.

Mini Christmas Trees

For table décor and miniature displays, use pinecones in place of craft store pine trees. Just paint them white or green, and use where desired. Painted pinecones can also be set in small pots or pails to resemble a planted pine tree. Add glitter for a subtle "snow-covered" look.

Create your own simple and easy to make pinecone crafts this Christmas with a few materials picked up from your local craft store. Design custom garlands, centerpieces and ornaments for far less money than store bought items, and enjoy one of a kind seasonal decor. 

Last Updated: December 14, 2012
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