Popular Pinterest Crafts of 2012

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Since its launch in March 2010, Pinterest, which describes itself as “a virtual pinboard,” has soared to well over 10 million members in the US. This fun and popular site allows members to “Pin,” or rather, to link to pictures on other websites. Group your pins onto your board, and now you have a great way to collect, organize and share images of your favorite crafts, whether those are knitting, origami, woodworking or just about anything else you can imagine.

Crafting has always been a popular pastime, and Pinterest makes it easier than ever to find wonderful ideas, examples and directions for creating crafts of every description. Find your own inspiration with some popular craft Pins of 2012.

Popular Pinterest Crafts of 2012 | IdealHomeGarden.com

Decorated Tee Shirt

Make a crazy-cool tee shirt design with sharpies and rubbing alcohol. It’s as easy as drawing your design with Sharpie markers, then dripping a bit of rubbing alcohol to cause the colors to spread and bleed into each other. An easy craft for kids and adults alike.

Tank Top Tote Bag

Do you have a couple of old tank tops in your dresser drawer? Why not turn them into a useful tote bag to carry groceries, beach items or gym clothes? Here’s a quick, useful project that blends crafting and recycling for the best of both.

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

These cute and glittery decorated Mason jar lanterns are perfect for the Fourth of July, but just change the colors, and you have decorations for any day of the year.

Sock Caterpillar

This adorable creature is as bright and colorful as you want him to be! Start off with a knee-high sock in your favorite pattern, fill it with foam balls, and add a few simple details. Voila, you have a cheerful caterpillar your kids will love. Customize your caterpillar by choosing holiday socks, animal prints, stripes or crazy geometrics.

Felt Flowers

You don’t need to sew to create cute felt flowers to adorn a headband, pin to a blouse, decorate your tote bag, or use in any of a dozen creative ways.

Rag Rug

It’s not a quick project, but it is easy. Start with a nonslip rug mat, cut strips of fabric in colors that match your room, and press them into the rug mat. You don’t need to sew; you don’t even need to tie knots. It’s a good project to work on while watching TV or listening to an audio book.

Dog Toy

If Fido has been a bit bored lately, liven up his days with a new tug toy you made out of old tee shirts. Not only does it give you and your dog a great rope for a canine game of tug ‘o war, it recycles those stained old tee shirts that otherwise would have gone in the trash.

Painted Floor Mat

If you have an interlinking-block colorful foam mat for your playroom, jazz it up with a coat of paint. Instead of bright, primary colors, you can stencil any pattern you like and paint it to match your room’s décor.


If you like to sew, and appreciate quick, simple patterns; then make an easy apron that protects your clothes from cooking splatters, and adds a little touch of retro style to your outfit. It’s a cute gift, or wear it at your next dinner party.

Fishtail Bracelet

Use colorful cord to fashion a friendship bracelet. Use an ornate button or charm to fasten your bracelet and add an extra touch of personality.

Nonslip Socks

No more worries about your kids (or you!) sliding and falling on slippery wood or tile floors. Thick fabric paint on the bottom of your kid’s socks takes care of the problem, providing a nonslip grip to keep them on their feet.

If you like to craft, and are always looking for inspiration, look no further than Pinterest. With thousands of Pinned crafts, and new ones being added every day, you’re sure to find something you want to try yourself, whether you love to paint, knit, work with clay, or fashion natural materials into something entirely new.

Last Updated: December 27, 2012
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