Quick Valentine's Day Decorating Fixes

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If you’re at a loss for Valentine’s Day decorating ideas, just look around you. There are many items in your home that can be re-purposed and turned into a Valentine decoration with a little effort. With some imagination, paint, a few ribbons and some extra time, your Valentine decorations will be the hit of the holiday.

Repurposed Valentine’s Day Ideas

Rummaging through closets and drawers can reveal an abundance of Valentine decorations. Use red and white tablecloths from Christmas past to set a Valentine’s Day table. Adorn a winter wreath with red hearts and carnations.

Here are a few more ideas for re-purposed Valentine decorations:

  • Frame a heart. Use a page from a book or sheet music as the background for the picture. Attach cutout red hearts or pressed flowers to the page and enclose in a decorative frame.
  • Spray paint small items to match the occasion. Candleholders, picture frames and other objects can be quickly transformed with a new coat of paint.
  • Add glitter. Give plain red and white candles or vases some sparkle with glitter.

Make a Quick Flower Vase

When flowers arrive at the door and you need a quick vase, sift through the kitchen shelves for old jars. Here are a couple of instant vases that will look pretty with your Valentine bouquet:

  • Paint a Mason jar. A quick coat of white, red or pink spray paint makes a simple vase.
  • Wrap an old jar. Use ribbon, burlap or other scraps of fabric to cover an old sauce jar. Add ribbons, bows and dried flowers for decorations.
  • Combine two vases. Find a small jar or vase that fits inside a larger vase. The small vase should be about the same height as the larger vase. Fill the space between the two vases with candy hearts, beads, stones or cranberries.

Change the Lighting

Another quick way to dress up a room for a Valentine’s Day celebration is to change the lighting in a room. A little creative lighting can easily hide the fact that your décor is lacking the Valentine spirit, and it will set the mood!

Here are some ways to use light to set a Valentine mood:

  • Use colored light bulbs. A red bulb gives a room a dark and sultry atmosphere.
  • Hit the dimmer switch. If the lights can be controlled with a dimmer switch, turn the lights down low. If there isn’t a dimmer switch, swap the light bulbs with softer 40 watt bulbs.
  • Add candles. Candles can be used anywhere. One or two candles on the dinner table or a bedside table add a romantic charm.
  • Drape a lampshade with a scarf. A scarf will soften the light in a room and cast a colorful light on the walls and ceiling. Warning: do not let the scarf touch the light bulb, or get too hot. Always check the scarf throughout the night, and do not forget to remove it/turn off the lamp before going to bed.
  • Use string lights. Bust out the clear Christmas lights for a quick way to romantically light a room. Drape them around a mirror, over a door frame, around a chandelier or across the ceiling.

There are many ways to quickly and inexpensively decorate a room for Valentine’s Day. Just look around for items that can be repurposed, repainted or repaired.

Last Updated: February 22, 2013
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