Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Combine the rugged and natural elements of a remote mountain cabin with the seasonal flare of Christmas décor for a beautiful and subtle holiday design scheme. Match weathered iron pieces with pine, plaid and leather to finish off this unique Christmas style.

Rustic Christmas Colors

The rustic theme incorporates darker, natural hues, making it a good choice for the winter holiday season. Use the shades of dark tree bark, bright red cranberries, deep green pine needles and a dark blue winter's night to inspire your Christmas colors around the house.

Rustic Christmas Materials

Traditional Christmas fabrics and materials like plaid, wool and wooden pieces also happen to align perfectly with the rustic theme. If your home is already designed in the rustic style, simply add seasonal touches to your existing décor. If you are starting your rustic theme from scratch, remember to include:

  • Wrought iron pieces for lighting, seating, tables and accessories
  • Antiqued leather accents
  • Natural materials including rawhide and antlers
  • Mountainous/cold region plants

Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas Rustic Christmas tree decoration ideas ornaments Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Living Room

Begin creating your rustic Christmas theme in the living room, as it typically plays host to the Christmas tree, and is a popular gathering area for your family during the holiday season.

  • Drape your fireplace mantel with a plain green pine garland. Add cranberries for seasonal color, and pinecones for a natural brown touch. Secure the garland with large, wrought iron hooks.
  • Heavy, weathered, metal hooks also work well for holding stockings. Select stockings in plaid, dark green, red or dark blue. Avoid much shine or shimmer, and stick to rural, natural stocking colors and styles.
  • Line your mantel with Christmas décor depicting deer, bears, pine trees and other winter characters.
  • Hang a large, natural pine wreath above your fireplace. Accent with a plaid bow, pinecones and cranberries. Hang from a large, wrought iron hook if possible.

Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas

  • Select a large, natural (often slightly irregularly) shaped Christmas tree. Trim with large, vintage string lights on green wire; red, green and blue ornaments; pinecones and a rusted gold or bronze tree topper. Do not completely cover the tree, as the natural aspect should show through.
  • If you have large, wooden beams supporting your ceiling, carefully wrap them with pine garland and large, vintage white string lights on a green wire.
  • Use a mixture of Christmas and rustic themed accent pillows depicting wildlife, winter scenes, and plain green, red and dark blue.
  • Place large white pillar candles around the room, using pine needle and cranberry filled hurricane candleholders, or cut birch branches as candle pillars. Birch tree home accents are available from retailers like
  • If you use air fresheners, select natural Christmas scents based on pine, cranberries, and cinnamon.

Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas

Dining Room

The dining room is another heavily used area of the home during the holiday season. Combine natural elements with rustic, metal accessories for the perfect holiday dining set up.

  • Use warm, natural candlelight along the table, and on wall sconce candleholders. Tree branch pillars and candleholders are available at many home décor retailers in-store and online.
  • Wrap thin pine garlands around the base of table centerpieces and candle holders for added Christmas flare.
  • Hang rustic Christmas ornaments and pine boughs from the dining room chandelier.
  • Use red and green table linens, with a few plaid pieces for smaller items (napkins, napkin ties, table runners, etc.)
  • Fill glass hurricane candleholders with pinecones and cranberries.
  • Check home décor stores for wrought iron Christmas décor to place in the center of the dining table, or on top of buffet cabinets and dining chests.
  • Use twine in place of napkins rings. Tie pine needles or jingle bells into the bow securing the napkin.

Rustic Christmas Decoration Ideas


Play up the warmth of natural fabrics on cold holiday nights with your rustic bedroom décor.

  • Use large faux fur blankets on the bed and bedroom seating.
  • Fill vases on nightstands and side tables with pine boughs, cranberries and pinecones. Tie a large red and/or green ribbon around the vase.
  • Hang a plane pine garland across your headboard, and tie the ends with plaid, red or green ribbons and/or twine.

You can easily carry the rustic Christmas theme throughout your entire home. Remember to combine the classic rustic style elements of wrought iron, rough stone, leather and natural fabrics with natural Christmas décor like pine, cranberries, pinecones and tree branches. For smaller rooms, combine these items in clear vases, bowls or hurricane candleholders for a touch of rustic Christmas in every area of the home.

Last Updated: December 17, 2012
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