Chic Silver & White New Year’s Eve Decoration Ideas

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There's nothing like a change of decor to get the New Year off to a good start. The traditional reds and greens of Christmas can begin to look pretty tired after all the presents under the tree have been handed out. Why not try a silver and white decorating theme to wake up your decor and usher out the old year in style? Becoming a quick change artist with a few simple swaps can add elegance and revitalize your New Year's Eve holiday entertaining. Whether or not you employ themes, want to take a lesson from the snowy outdoor landscape, or just like the idea of adding some sparkle to your table, find some tips that will give your indoor spaces a little New Year's count-down excitement.

Outdoor Decoration Ideas For New Year’s Eve

Your guests will be in a holiday mood before they ever cross your threshold, so dazzle them with some outdoor touches. If you can typically expect some snow for New Year's, nature will do most of the outdoor work for you:

  • String clear Christmas lights along the railing of your deck, patio or into the branches of nearby trees.
  • Drape white and silver indoor-outdoor garlands or flocked evergreen garland on your porch banisters and railings. You can find all weather plastic garlands and streamers at most party stores.
  • If your outdoor furniture is still in service, add a decorative centerpiece to the patio table with either a large glass hurricane lamp filled with silver ornaments or a display of heavily flocked pine boughs in a tall white or silver vase.
  • Set festive white luminaries along your walkway to welcome guests.
  • Change out the wreath adorning your front door with one that showcases the elegant simplicity of white with silver ornaments and ribbon.
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Entryway Décor For New Year’s Eve

If you have a large entry, it can be one of the best areas in your home to set the stage for New Year's celebrating.

  • Large hanging mirrors make a perfect backdrop for flocked or white feather garlands and even more formal treatments using silk or metallic fabric swags.
  • Suspend a silver ornament with the number designation of the New Year from the top center of a hallway mirror or from a ceiling mounted light fixture.
  • Although a mirror is a perfect choice for a garland, ribbon or swag, you can use other features in your entry too. Consider: wall sconces, framed prints, and decorative door and ceiling molding.
  • Add candlelight with battery operated, white pillar candles placed on stair treads, tables or along baseboards.

Decorating The Formal Living Room & Dining For New Year’s Eve

Your living and formal dining areas may contain traditional designer touches, but that doesn't mean you can't introduce a few New Year's holiday adornments for fun:

  • If you plan on making this an annual event, consider investing in white slipcovers for your couch and chairs. This one alteration will make a huge difference in the appearance of your room. Dress up the look with silver throw pillows.
  • Don't forget the window treatments when you decorate. Although your windows may be outfitted with blinds, valances or drapes, a decorative silver scarf valance draped casually over an existing window treatment might be just the touch you need to transform a window for the evening. Silver chains and garlands draped from existing valances or curtain rods, or used as tiebacks, work too.
  • Nothing says sparkle like crystal, and when you layer your look, you can create a silvery bright sheen that will make your crystal arrangements elegant and eye catching. Fill crystal vases with white or silver ornaments, white stones, feathers or silvery marbles and place them on mirrored coasters. Mirrored coasters and trays also look wonderful under white pillared candles. (They look nice under table centerpieces and place settings, too.) If most of your crystal pieces are small, try placing them in odd numbered groupings of three and five.
  • Invest in a few crystal, textured glass or silver candlesticks of varying heights and outfit them with the pristine white candles. When placed in groups of three on a coffee table they'll look coordinated and festive. If silver and crystal are out of your price range, you can always grab a can of metallic spray paint and transform wooden candlesticks into faux silver display pieces.
  • If you own a crisp, white linen or lace tablecloth, now is the time to pull it out, iron it, and use it to create some elegant dining ambience. White will show your dining pieces to advantage, but make sure your tablecloth is scrupulously clean and free of set in stains.
  • Don't forget the fresh flowers when you design the social areas of your home. White roses in your guest bath and a centerpiece of white calla lilies on your dining table will make a simple but dramatic statement. White carnations add a nice touch too, especially if you need the arrangement to last for a week or more.

Decorating The Family Room & Kitchen For New Year’s Eve

When you explore the design options using silver and white, don't forget the family areas of your home like the den and kitchen, either:

  • Take a fun approach by decorating the family room with New Year's balloons and streamers that have a metallic silver finish.
  • Add clear glass dishes filled with silver foil wrapped candy.
  • Include decorative white or silver candles on casual tables. (Use battery operated candles if you have small children or pets.)
  • Place a white or silver throw on the couch or a nearby chair.
  • Display a silver or mirrored tray on your ottoman.
  • Encourage your children to add silver glitter to pinecones for placement in a basket by the fireplace or on the kitchen table.
  • Bake a batch of sugar cookies and decorate them with silver balls and edible glitter.

Decorating Bedrooms For New Year’s Eve

Your family's first dreams of the New Year will be more exciting when you include some silver and white touches in the bedrooms of your home.

  • Decorate headboards with silver garland.
  • Add a set of white, battery operated candles to the tops of dressers.
  • Change out standard linens for white linen.
  • Include New Year's themed throw pillows.
  • Thread silver chain around white scarf valances and drape them over mirrored dressers and window valances.
  • For a romantic touch, scatter white rose petals on a bedspread and opt for soft mood lighting.

Although you may want to make a refined and elegant statement for a fancy dinner or cocktail party, decorating for New Year's Eve doesn't have to be formal. Find ways to personalize your New Year's decor and make it a fun project you'll want to turn into a family tradition.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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