Christmas Candle Crafts For DIY Decor

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Rather than spending the money for high priced boutique candles and candleholders, just make your own. By combining items you already own with a few simple materials bought at a craft store, you can easily create gorgeous candle displays for Christmas, winter and holiday decorating.

Self-Printed Candles

Create custom candles with the words or images of your choice imprinted on their sides.

  • Using the same color as your candle, print out the words or images you would like to appear on the candle onto tissue paper.
  • Wrap the tissue paper around the candle, so it fits perfectly. Trim the paper so it does not overlap the top or bottom of the candle, and overlaps itself no more than half an inch around the side.
  • Using a hairdryer, gently heat the tissue paper until it is completely stuck to the candle, essentially melting into it.

Frosted Candles

Create the look of glittering, glowing ice with materials you already own, or can easily and inexpensively be picked up at the grocery store.

  • Beginning with a clear candleholder or mason jar, paint the outside with glue.
  • Roll the candleholder or jar in Epsom salt and allow to dry. The Epsom salt will resemble ice forming on the outside of the glass.
  • Place a candle inside and enjoy the soft, sparkling glow of your “frosted” candle.

Ready for Planting

Champagne Candles

Create beautiful and unique candles for an elegant holiday display with champagne flutes, small floating candles and flowers or berries.

  • Fill the champagne flutes with water, stopping approximately one half inch below the top rim of the glass.
  • Place poinsettia leaves, baby’s breath, cranberries, small pinecones or pine needles in the water, then top with a small floating candle.
  • Line a dining table, buffet table or windowsill with the champagne candle displays.

Candy Cane

Create your own candy cane candleholders with red spray paint and a ribbon.

  • Wrap a ribbon around a glass candleholder or mason jar, with the ribbon angling upward from bottom to top.
  • Spray paint the candleholder or jar with red paint, then remove the ribbon.
  • The clear glass showing through the red paint (from where the ribbon was) will resemble a candy cane.
  • Place a candle inside and set anywhere around your home for festive holiday lighting.

Finished Product

Floating Natural

Design natural Christmas or winter candles with a decorative bowl or large vase and basic winter materials.

  • Fill a decorative glass bowl, glass vase or glass hurricane candleholder with water, stopping about one inch from the top.
  • Place pinecones, cranberries and/or pine boughs into the water.
  • Set a floating candle on top of the water.


Purchase or make a wreath for the perfect decorative candle wrap.

  • Visit your local craft store or a home décor store to purchase a small to medium sized wreath. To learn how to make your own, click here.
  • The opening in the center or the wreath should be just large enough to set a pillar candle in.
  • Place the wreath in the center of your dining table, on your mantel, or on a side table. Set the pillar candle in the center of the wreath.
  • Select a candle color that complements the color of the ornaments/décor on the wreath.


Use lace or paint to make your own patterned candleholders.

  • For a simple lace wrapped Christmas candleholder, simply wrap a piece of red, white or green lace around a glass candleholder.
  • Trim to fit, the glue in place.
  • For a lace pattern painted onto a candleholder, wrap a piece of lace around a glass candleholder. Spray paint the lace-wrapped candleholder with white, red or green paint, then remove the lace.
  • The paint will remain on the candleholder, in the pattern of the lace.


Make subtly glittered Christmas, winter or holiday candleholders.

  • Paint the outside of a glass candleholder or mason jar with glue.
  • Lightly sprinkle with glitter, and allow to dry before placing a candle inside.
  • White and blue are good glitter shades for winter themed candles, while red, green and/or white work well for Christmas.


Accent lanterns with Christmas décor for the perfect seasonal candle displays.

  • Place Christmas ornaments, pine boughs, pinecones, cranberries or other seasonal décor inside decorative lanterns, and place a tall candle in the center.
  • Make sure none of the décor comes near the candle’s flame.

Silver Platter

Design a beautiful, elegant candle display for the holidays with a silver platter, white pillar candles and silver décor.

  • Set several white pillar candles in varying heights on a silver platter. If you don’t own a silver platter, purchase an inexpensive platter from a thrift or discount store, and spray paint it silver.
  • Place silver and white Christmas ornaments, garlands, beads and décor around the base of the candles, mixed in with pine boughs.
  • Place the platter in the center of your dining room or kitchen table for an elegant display.
Last Updated: February 6, 2013
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