Snowflake Crafts & Decorations For The Holidays

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Try making some of these simple snowflake crafts with your kids this holiday season. Make beautiful ornaments, functional potholders and coasters, or even a doormat with inexpensive materials purchased at a craft store, or found around your home.

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Using popsicle sticks, glue and glitter, you can create easy to make Christmas tree ornaments, refrigerator magnets, window décor and more. Simply coat popsicle sticks with glue, then cover in white, blue or silver glitter. Begin gluing the glittered popsicle sticks together in an X shape. Glue on more popsicle sticks to add "arms" to the snowflake, and break some sticks in half, or smaller, to add small branches to each arm. Once dry, glue on a ribbon loop to hang from the Christmas tree or in a window. Purchase a small magnet from a craft store and glue to the back of the snowflake to use as a refrigerator magnet.

Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

Pick up silver, blue and or white pipe cleaners from your local craft store to create simple, fuzzy snowflakes for decoration around the house. Just cut the pipe cleaner into varying lengths, and start twisting them around each other, beginning with an X shape made of the longest pieces. Add a second X shape to the first, then use the shorter pieces of pipe cleaner to create small "branches" off of the longer pieces. Once you have completed your snowflake, form a loop out of a shorter piece of pipe cleaner, and attach to the top of the snowflake to hang from a hook or the Christmas tree.

Craft Foam Coasters, Potholders & Doormats

Thin sheets of craft foam sold at craft stores are the perfect material for soft, baby-safe Christmas ornaments, or drink coasters. Pick up sheets of white and blue foam from your local craft store, then print out a snowflake template found online. Trace the snowflake onto the foam sheets, then cut out. Carefully use an X-Acto knife to cut out center pieces of the snowflake. Use the foam snowflakes around the house as drink coasters, potholders or Christmas ornaments. For a larger craft, make 15 to 20 medium sized foam snowflakes, then glue or tie them together into a large rectangle. Use this as a foam snowflake doormat to greet winter guests.

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Wire, Beads & Pearls

Make your own elegant snowflake Christmas décor with thin wire, beads and faux pearls from a craft store. Bend the wire into the basic structure of a snowflake. Place varying sized white, silver and/or blue beads and faux pearls on each branch of the snowflake, until they are completely covered. Bend the tips of each branch to prevent the beads from sliding off (or use a large dab of hot glue on the tip of the wire). Attach a ribbon to the top of the snowflake to hang from the Christmas tree, or fill a decorative vase or bowl with the beaded snowflakes for a modern take on Christmas décor.

Pine Snowflake Decor

Create a pine bough snowflake for your front door, wall or doorway. Snip pine tree branches from your yard, or gather clippings at a Christmas tree farm. Each branch should be between six inches and two feet long, depending on how large you would like your snowflake to be. Make sure each branch has several smaller off-shoot branches, resembling the branches of a snowflake. Once you have gathered six branches, tie or glue their ends together, forming a circle (or what should appear to resemble a snowflake at this point). Spray the pine snowflake with aerosol glue, then sprinkle with white or silver glitter, or fake snow from a craft store. Allow to dry, then hang around your home where desired.

Marshmallow Snowflakes

Enjoy eating your snowflake crafts as much as making them with this edible Christmas activity. Use one large marshmallow as a center, and poke six toothpicks into it, forming a star shape. Create the branches of a snowflake by using small and large marshmallows as joints between toothpicks, forming the snowflakes branches. If you do eat these snowflakes, just be careful not bite into the toothpicks.

Epsom Salt, Cotton Balls & Rhinestone Snowflakes

For more intricately decorated snowflakes, make the structure of one with popsicle sticks, as described above. Cover with glue, then apply rhinestones for a glittering snowflake, cotton balls for a large, fluffy craft, or, coat with Epsom salt to resemble the look of ice.

3D Snowflake

For a three-dimensional snowflake ornament, purchase a small foam ball from a craft store. Using short pieces of thin wire, or toothpicks, pierce the foam ball on all sides with 10+ pieces. Place beads and faux pearls on each piece of wire or toothpick, until completely covered, then cap with a dab of glue to prevent them from sliding off.

Last Updated: February 22, 2012
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