Spring Centerpieces & Table Decoration Ideas

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Bright fresh spring centerpieces fill your rooms with life and color. You don't have to spend a fortune buying pre-made centerpieces for your home, and you don't have to have lots of artistic experience. Beautiful, breezy and fun centerpieces are easy and inexpensive to make yourself.

Decorating With Flowers

Fresh, fragrant and colorful flowers are the classic signs of spring that lift almost everyone's spirits. Just about any flowers work well in floral centerpieces. Here are a few varieties that are particularly great for spring designs:

  • Tulips
  • Hyacinth
  • Hydrangea
  • Daffodils
  • Sweet peas
  • Peonies
  • Lilacs
  • Poppies

These floral centerpieces are easy to put together and will make your home feel like a spring flower garden:

  • Arrange a bouquet of fresh flowers in a glass vase filled with glass beads, clear or brightly colored marbles, kumquats or even colored eggs.
  • Create a floating blossom display by removing stems from flowers and floating them in a shallow ice cream dish or stemmed glass filled with water.
  • Turn a fancy teacup into a vase by filling it with tiny, delicate flowers such as Lilly of the valley or baby's-breath.
  • Use a rustic watering can as a vase and fill it with a beautiful flower arrangement of long stemmed, dramatic blooms.

spring centerpieces spring centerpieces spring centerpieces

Decorating With Plants and Branches

The newly green spring landscape provides inspiration for these gentle, simple centerpieces:

  • Plant waterscape: Fill crystal or glass bowls, or an elegant stemmed glass with water, and float some tiny, delicate floating green plants. A few river rocks or glass beads at the bottom will add a nice touch.
  • Spring branches: Cover a colorful vase with paper butterflies or birds, and then arrange forsythia sprigs or pussy willows inside. For more branch crafts, see How To Decorate With Branches.
  • Green forest ferns: Cut some fresh ferns and place them in green glass bottles. You may want to arrange the bottles on a pretty wooden tray.
  • Twig egg tree: Collect some twigs from your yard and stick them in a piece of craft foam to form your tree. Place the tree in a terra cotta pot or metal pail to hide the foam, and top with faux birds, nests and eggs.

Spring Floral Centerpieces

Spring is the perfect time for some lighthearted fun! Reflect that playful spirit with these whimsical centerpieces:

  • Easter basket: Create a tabletop version of this spring classic by filling a beautiful basket with faux grass, pastel M&M's, candy or plastic eggs and toy chicks and bunnies.
  • Bird's Nest: Fill a basket with Chinese noodles topped with colorful eggs.
  • Happy Spring Hat: Fill a straw hat or fancy Easter bonnet with candy or dyed eggs, toy chicks, birds, butterflies or bunnies or some fresh flowers and greens.
  • Foam ball trees: Start with a craft foam ball on a pastel painted stick, and glue on candy, greens or flowers to cover the foam. Mount your "tree" on a foam base, place it in a terra cotta pot to hide the base and tie a pretty ribbon around the stick. To complete the look, surround and cover the foam base with bunched green tissue paper.
  • Snack barrels: Tie bright ribbons around a pastel colored, decorative pail and fill with an attractive arrangement of snacks.
  • Easter "terrarium: Fill a mason jar with faux plants or blossoms, a tiny stuffed bunny or chick and some candy eggs.
  • Bunny platter: Arrange a large chocolate bunny, some faux grass and flowers and lots of foil-wrapped, colorful candy eggs on a pretty tray or platter.
  • Candleholder tree: Instead of putting candles in your multi-candle holder, fill it with blossoms (stems removed) and/or colored eggs.
spring centerpieces ideal home garden  spring centerpieces ideal home garden


Using Fruits and Vegetables to Create Centerpieces

Many of the delicious foods in your kitchen are beautiful enough to use in a spring centerpiece. Here are a few food-inspired centerpieces you may want to try:

  • Asparagus vase: Rubber band a tight ring of asparagus around the outer rim of a slender glass vase. Thick, colorful rubber bands are especially good for this. Fill the vase with water and fresh flowers or ferns. Sit the vase in a tray with a little water to keep the asparagus fresh.
  • Citrus box: Stain and varnish, or paint a small wooden box or crate. Fill with a bed of straw and arrange an assortment of citrus fruit on top.
  • Foam cone tree: Start with a foam cone, stick in a branch from outdoors to form the trunk and stick it in a foam base to stand. "Plant" your tree in a terra cotta pot and glue on veggies, fruit slices or candy to cover with "leaves."
  • Elegant citrus vase: Fill a large, clear glass vase with water and slices of lime or other citrus fruit. For an even more dramatic centerpiece, top with floating blossoms.

You'd be surprised how easy it is to turn items you probably already have in your home into striking spring centerpieces. You may even find friends and family asking you to make some of your imaginative creations for them.

Last Updated: March 13, 2012
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