10 Perfect Flower Displays for Spring

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A house can always use some extra life, and fresh flowers are definitely the way to do it. To get the most out of your spring season, brighten up the room with some of these great choices. They are all light enough and bright enough to fit right in with your other spring décor.

  1. Oncidium orchids: The leggy plant is covered in tiny yellow flowers. Despite its delicate looks, it can survive for a week or more in your home after being cut. It's also one of the easiest orchid varieties to find in local flower shops. The lightness of the flower is perfect for otherwise cluttered rooms, such as the den or kitchen.
  2. Carnations: While you may dread the commonness of carnations, ask yourself why they are so popular. The answer? When they're fresh, they'll live for up to two weeks in your home. Another great feature with carnations is the color variety. Try combining several colors and sizes for a lovely arrangement. Light shades, such as yellow, white and pink, will work best with the season.
  3. Hyacinths: Easy to grow and long lasting, hyacinths are great for tall bouquets. They grow relatively high for flowers, and they have a simple, chic appearance to them. For best effect in your home, cut the hyacinths carefully from your garden, placing them in a tall, slender vase beneath a shaded window. They come in lovely hues of violet, which will integrate well into your spring display.
  4. Ranunculus: Popular in wedding bouquets, these lush, dense flowers come in lovely shades of yellow and red, as well as the traditional white. They usually flower in April or May, so you'll be able to find them at most local flower shops. For a great effect, try combining violet hyacinths in a display with white ranunculus, for a flavorful, adventurous spring bouquet.
  5. Freesias: Pretty at every stage of their growth, freesias are flourishing blossoms. Light and beautiful, they are popular in wedding displays, as well. For a modern, elegant touch, place one or two freesia stems in a glass vase. Because the buds open gradually, freesia petals should be removed individually as they turn brown, letting the many other petals shine as they grow.
  6. Oriental lilies: Inexpensive and easy to find, oriental lilies are lovely touches to any home. With several blooms on each stem, they can be arranged in a multitude of ways, varying from individual buds to large bouquets. Also, you can pinch off any fading blooms and rearrange the rest to maintain a healthy glow. Oriental lilies do have staining anthers (the end of a protruding stem that contains pollen), so they should be removed to avoid any unwanted dark smudges on the petals.
  7. Peonies: Particularly in red and pink, peonies are sweet traditional spring flowers. With deeply lobed leaves and large, fragrant flowers, they are perfect for the warm spring months, offering a tea-time vibe with their lovely presence. Don't be surprised if you get a compliment or three on them during your next girls' luncheon.
  8. Calla lilies: Considered an ornamental plant, the calla lily is an elegant touch to any home. Their sturdy stalks and unique bulbs provide an incandescent presence, whether placed alone or in large bouquets. For the perfect spring minimalist look, place single calla lilies of varying colors throughout the house in basic beige dishes.
  9. Dedrobium orchids: Slightly more luscious than oncidium orchids, dedrobiums are surprisingly resilient, bearing a lot of beauty on just one stem. If you buy them when the buds are still closed tightly, then they'll last longer and be more durable for the transport home. Dedrobium orchids are perfect center displays for the dinner table, or accents to the top of a short dresser.
  10. Fritillarias: With a unique bell-like shape and patterned petals, fritillarias are easily the most overlooked spring flower. Also known as missionbells, they often have nodding, bell- or cup-shaped flowers, and they are naturally spring bloomers. With beautifully distinctive color patterns and shapes, these will be standout flowers for your spring display.

When you're done with spring cleaning, be sure to leave room for a vase or two, because these flowers are going to bring light and life to your already fresh spring home.

Last Updated: January 28, 2012
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