St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas

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There's more to designing the right atmosphere for St. Patrick's Day than just wearing the green. Locate a few four leaf clovers, and cook up some corned beef and cabbage. Put a little green food coloring in your ale, too. But even after paying your respects with these time honored traditions, we have a few other ways you can tip your hat to the emerald isle on this very special day.

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas For The Entryway

Switch out your wall art for a few graphics that sport Celtic designs. If you're working on a tight budget, these are pretty easy to make yourself using stencils. They'll add interest and historical authenticity to your St. Patrick's Day decorating theme. Add leaf garlands to your staircase and put out a couple of big pots of Shamrock plant (Oxalis). The shamrock plant is dainty enough to attract admiring attention and hardy enough to survive until next St. Patrick's Day.

Installing a banner with holiday wishes spelled out in Gaelic is a nice touch, too. If you want to print one on your inkjet printer, the greeting "Best wishes for you for Saint Patrick's Day" is written: Beannachtaí na Féile Padraig oraibh!It's pronounced: ban-ock-tee na fay-lah paw-rig ur-iv.

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas For The Living Room

You can decorate with green as well as wear it for St. Patrick's Day. The good news is that green is almost a neutral in interior design. It goes with most colors:

  • Decorate with large leafed, green plants like pothos and philodendron.
  • Green glass is also very popular. A green dish, apothecary jar, vase or planter works well.
  • Include an arrangement of green candles in matching holders of differing heights. Pewter and stone candleholders are a nice touch, but brass works well too.
  • While you're at it, include a green throw in a nice check or plaid and some matching pillows.
  • As a charming touch, add gold foil wrapped candy to your favorite candy dish and make it your pot of gold.
st patricks day decoration ideas st patricks day decoration ideas

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas In The Bathrooms

Although your first thought may be to add green towels and possibly a green rug to your bathroom, we like the minimalist approach. Green is nice, but overdoing it isn't a great idea and you'll be using it elsewhere in the house. We prefer a tasteful bouquet of flowers in the bath with lots of attendant greenery.

White calla lilies are very nice, but you might want to try a classic Irish flowering species. Bells of Ireland is a favorite. It's bright green with an upright habit, an interestingly ruffled appearance and tiny white flowers.

If you prefer to try a whimsical approach, use green tinted carnations. You can dye white carnations yourself by adding green food coloring to the water in the vase. It is fun to do, and your kids will love it. If you give this one a try, it's bound to become a yearly tradition at your house.

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas In the Kitchen

Ah, the kitchen is the heart of the home -- and of your St. Patrick's Day celebration, too. Pull out your kitschy leprechaun potholders and dish towels. Add a big bowl of green apples to your countertop, too. If apples don't quite give you the holiday spirit, you can use limes or green peppers instead. Make it green, green, green. Better yet, put together a basket of each, and arrange them around the room.

Switch out your cafe curtains for green checked homespun, and make sure to have a few large mugs or tankards out to fill with ale. Assemble the ingredients for Irish soda bread and display them in a decorative wicker hamper complete with a wooden rolling pin.

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas For The Dining Room

Pull out all the stops with a decorative tablecloth that either sports a Celtic design or has shamrocks along the border. If you're lucky enough to own Irish lace, this is the time to put it on display, too. Want a knockout centerpiece? Wrap gold foil around a shallow, round bowl and fill it with white roses, greenery and gold foil wrapped candy attached to florist wire. It'll make a bountiful pot of gold. For a kids' party, use a rainbow theme and scatter plenty of paper four leaf clovers around the table.

St. Patrick’s Day Decoration Ideas For The Man Cave

The guys know how to celebrate the occasion with their favorite brew. Dying a little ale green may be good for a laugh, though. The man cave is often all about the electronics, but a few green garlands might be just the thing to inject a holiday feel to the proceedings. Decorate that garland with St. Patrick's Day ornaments and you'll give a basic treatment a designer touch. Specialty ornaments are getting easier to find, and they are fun to use and collect. Choose from four leaf clovers, shamrocks, leprechauns, Celtic crosses and sayings like: Kiss me I'm Irish. It's all for laughs and works well when used with other items like green balloons and streamers. Pick out some funny napkins and themed paper plates and you'll have an Irish influenced man cave ready for poker night or the big game.

Last Updated: February 28, 2012
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