Super Bowl Party Planning Tips

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Every year, many Americans celebrate the biggest football game of the season with a party. If you plan to host your own Super Bowl party, use this guide for planning, buying, decorating and cooking.

Decide What Style Of Super Bowl Party You Want

Though every party host is unique, there are typically two styles of super bowl parties to choose from. Select which style fits you best, and consider adjusting your guest list accordingly.

  • Football Focused: This style of Super Bowl party is geared purely towards the sport. The entertainment center becomes the focal point, conversation is limited to reviews of the last play and predictions for the next quarter and guests congregate solely in rooms with TVs. While these super bowl parties are authentically focused on the day’s namesake, they may be uncomfortable for guests who do not follow the sport as closely as others.
  • Party Focused: This style of Super Bowl party incorporates more than just football. Food, drinks and good conversation are just as integral to the theme of the day as your favorite team scoring a point, and guests may mingle throughout your home during the event. If you enjoy catching up with your guests as much or more than watching football, throw a Super Bowl party designed to encourage socializing. Just be sure to include enough seating for any die-hard football fans to safely enjoy the game while others socialize. (For super bowl party dip recipes, see Easy Super Bowl Party Dip Recipes).
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Send Out Invitations

Once you have selected what style of Super Bowl party to throw, you can now make up a guest list and send out invitations.

  • Super Bowl Sunday should be fun and casual.
  • Invite friends and acquaintances that you think will enjoy watching the game or socializing as much as you will.
  • Don’t be afraid to invite people you’re not very close to. If you think they would enjoy football and get along with your family and friends, Super Bowl parties can be a great way to comfortably get to know one another.
  • Send out your invitations at least two weeks in advance. Super Bowl parties are popular, and you’ll want to let your guests know as soon as possible that you would like their company at your home. Having a good guess as to how many guests will be attending will allow you to shop for food and drinks with an accurate amount in mind.

Shop For Food & Decorations Early

While shopping for your Super Bowl party may not rival the holiday season’s shopping rush, you should try to get a head start.

  • Pick up decorations like plates, cups, napkins, streamers, balloons and drinks at least one week before the party to avoid an increase in price.
  • Many stores will increase the price of these common party items within the last few days before the Super Bowl to catch last minute shoppers with no other option. Save some money by hitting the stores early.
  • Further, if you plan to cater your party, make the arrangements early to ensure you aren’t stuck with a more expensive, last minute company.

Clean The Living Room

One to three days before your party, clean up the room you plan to hold the most guests in. This is likely the living room, as the largest TV and couches are frequently placed here. Pick up any trash, loose papers, toys, electronics and other clutter that doesn’t need to be there. Not only will your living room look nicer, but you’ll also avoid losing or damaging important items.

Clear Walkways

You’ll want to make sure that guests will have a clear path for navigating your living room, kitchen and walkways. In the midst of a party, potentially with drinks flowing, clutter and other tripping hazards can cause injury and commotion. Also be sure to pick up an wires otherwise left on the floor. As guests will likely be huddled around your entertainment center, you’ll want to be sure that electronics aren’t tripped over, unplugged, and/or damaged.

Make Or Order Food

A Super Bowl Party wouldn’t be complete without food, so plan ahead. Decide whether you will make or purchase the food you will serve. A complete meal isn’t necessary, though it may be appreciated as the Super Bowl takes place throughout the afternoon and evening. Buy enough food for your guest list plus three, ensuring everyone has enough, particularly if more company shows up than expected. Purchase all the ingredients you will need several days ahead of time, or contact a catering company at least one week, if not two, in advance.


Decorations can help enhance the festive (and often competitive) mood of your Super Bowl party, though they don’t need to be extravagant. Again, this should be a relaxing, comfortable environment celebrating one of the country’s favorite sports. To keep decoration costs low, buy balloons in the competing teams’ colors, and pick up matching ribbon. Adding the colored ribbons to the balloons, door handles, chandeliers, drinks, food packages and more is a simple, cheap way to incorporate the theme without spending much money.

Dress The Part

Once your home is prepared, the last step is looking like you belong. Pick up a jersey from your favorite team, or simply wear their colors. Including your outfit in the Super Bowl party theme is a simple way to encourage the spirited, festive atmosphere in your home, and a great excuse to wear your favorite sports attire.

Last Updated: January 25, 2012
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