Super Simple Craft Ideas For Washi Tape

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You’ve probably heard a lot about washi tape from blogs and social media sites. It’s a fun and easy way to add color, patterns and creativity to a crafting project, and it’s a lot cheaper than buying whole new décor pieces.

Washi tape is a masking tape made from natural fibers. It comes in an assortment of sizes and colors. Use washi tape to decorate just about anything, or simply use as just a tape.

Decorate Your Laptop

Make creative patterns and pictures on your office equipment:

  • Hide a crack on a smartphone.
  • Tape over laptop keys.
  • Make a pencil holder from a vegetable can.
  • Decorate staplers.
  • Create an organizer on a bulletin board..
  • Hide electrical, computer and printer cables.

Create Candleholders and Flower Vases

Instead of throwing glass jars in the recycle bin, wrap washi tape around old jars to make:

  • Candleholders
  • Flower vases
  • Soap dispensers
  • Dry food storage for beans, pasta and flour

Paint Walls without Paint

Use washi tape to draw fun designs on the wall:

  • Instead of picture frames, use washi tape to mount pictures on walls.
  • Create geometric designs on stair risers.
  • Add a bold color to a room by taping door and window frames.

Wrap Gifts and Presents

Washi tape gives presents and packages a pretty touch:

  • Make tie-ties by wrapping tape around a piece of wire.
  • Attach gift tags to packages.
  • Make tags for cellophane bags.
  • Create handmade greeting cards.
  • Use washi tape in place of ribbons.

Update Furniture

Use tape instead of buying new furniture or going through the mess of painting:

  • Add tape accents to old furniture to give it a new look.
  • Add details to drapes and lampshades with a few strips of tape along the edges.
  • Turn plain ceramic tiles into artistic coasters.

Make Scrapbooks and Memory Pieces

Washi tape is the perfect companion for making scrapbooks. Washi tape not only makes colorful designs, it also makes a lasting adhesive:

  • Tape pictures, buttons and other items to scrapbook pages.
  • Make colorful accents or cutout shapes (such as hearts, flowers and stars).
  • Create colorful silhouettes instead of the same old black craft paper ones.

Hang Holiday Decorations

Any holiday can become more festive by decorating with washi tape. Washi tape can take the place of paint, glitter, lace and ribbon:

  • Recycle cardboard to cut Christmas tree ornaments (trees, stars, Santa and reindeers) and decorate with washi tape.
  • Turn a plastic container into an Easter basket.
  • Create birthday banners.
  • Use a different color and pattern of tape for each guest at a party to identify cups and silverware.

Repurpose Flea Market Finds

There’s a lot of good junk to be found at garage sales and flea markets. It just needs a little attention and some washi tape:

  • Tape an old clock or picture frame to match your décor.
  • Cover scratches, chips and stains with some strategically placed tape.
  • Hide a bad paint job on bookcases, chairs and tables.

Play Games with the Kids

The kids will enjoy playing with washi tape:

  • Tape a family tree on a wall in the family room.
  • Outline a racing track, doll house, or board game on the floor or on the wall.
  • Decorate bicycles, skateboards and rollerskates.

Last Updated: January 23, 2013
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