8 Creative Uses for Your Tennis Balls

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You know you have it. It sits in the back of your closet, and during spring cleaning, you finally pull it out, only to throw it against the wall a few times, catch it and toss it back into the closet where it came from. This time around, put your unused (or over-used) tennis balls to good use, with our eight creative ideas.

  1. Bulb remover: So your light bulb has burnt out (again), and you need to get it out of there stat so you can replace it. Problem is, it's still scalding hot from the heat. Have no fear - you can use half a small tennis ball to remove that warm light bulb from its socket. Simply draw a line around the diameter of the ball. For stability before you cut, secure the ball with a clamp. Cut the ball with a box cutter; then slide it steadily around the diameter line. Older tennis balls work best for this, because they give easier.
  2. Comforter fluffer: OK, we're not entirely positive how this works, either, but you'll have to trust us. To speed up the drying time of that extra bulky bedding in your dryer, simply toss a couple tennis balls into the load. Maybe it's the friction, or the heat of the air inside the balls, but we like the end result!
  3. Arm weights: Don't buy those overpriced weights from the store that are clanky and busy looking. Instead, cut small slits into two tennis balls using a box cutter. Fill them each with a heavy material, like pennies or sand, and then seal the balls back up with tape or super glue. Now you have a miraculous new set of arm weights to carry with you on your next power walk, and bonus: They fit right into the palm of your hands!
  4. Foot massagers: After your hard workout with those tennis ball arm weights, simply toss a couple fresh balls under your feet. While sitting, start rolling the balls under your feet, starting at your toes and working your way to your heel and back again. The felt-covered air pockets offer a quick, easy and cheap spa experience.
  5. Jar opener: Don't ask your hubby to help you with the jar this time! Instead, use the rubber lining of the inside of a tennis ball to aid your grip, providing you more traction and ease as you tear into a new jar of your favorite jam.
  6. Secret storage: Don't spend money on a small safe for your nice jewelry or cash. Instead, pull out that extra ball from your tennis match and slip your stuff in. Using a box cutter, cut a small slit into the ball, one that's just big enough to fit your stuff. Then place the valuables inside and toss the ball in a drawer or closet. This is perfect for easy travel storage, too. Just don't let your dog get a hold of this one.
  7. Floor guards: Never be the victim of floor scuffs again! Simply cut an X into four tennis balls. Then slip them over the feet of whatever you're putting on your floor, be it a new chair, ironing board or the like. As a bonus, you can slide it across hard surfaces easier, too!
  8. Painkiller: Need a quick and impromptu massage to relieve pain in your neck and head? Tennis balls may seem like a strange option, but they're just the trick. First, lie down. Then place a tied sock containing two tennis balls under the spot where your neck and head meet. Tuck your chin and gently nod your head up and down. You'll never go back to $100 30-minute massage visits again!

At the end of the day, there's always something you can use a tennis ball for. So before you go letting Spot have all the fun, store a few extra balls in a drawer. Come time for ironing, safe keeping or other household tasks, you'll be glad to have them.

Last Updated: July 22, 2011
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