Thanksgiving Mason Jar Craft Ideas

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Mason jars have become a popular piece in the crafting world and can come in handy during Thanksgiving. Convert a mason jar into a stunning decoration with a few dried flowers, candles or ribbons. Create centerpieces, lamps and vases for your holiday table. Serve beverages in mason jars in a size to fit every thirst from 4 ounces to a half-gallon. Then, send guests home with turkey leftovers stacked neatly in a mason jar or a piece of pie baked in a personal size mason jar.

Mason Jar Centerpieces & Decorations For Thanksgiving

When you don’t have much time or are looking for a few quick and easy decorations to place around the dining room, grab mason jars in a variety of sizes and make some simple flower vases. There are endless ways to turn a plain mason jar into a fabulous flower display:

  • Start with a simple bouquet of dried flowers in bright fall colors such as yellow, orange and red.
  • Use large dramatic flowers, such as sunflowers, in the larger half-gallon size mason jars.
  • Dress up mason jars with scraps of fabric, ribbon and bows, lace, twine and knotted threads, buttons or strings of beads. Attach fabric notions with hot glue or any favorite craft glue.
  • Show off crafting skills by knitting, crocheting or quilting embellishments.
  • There are several ways to paint mason jars. Spray paint will turn a jar a new color in a few minutes. Place a piece of lace over the jar before painting to create a pattern on the glass.
  • Mason jars can be covered with burlap and embellished with natural decorations such as pinecones and leaves.

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Mason jars can hold Thanksgiving memories. Create vintage jars by placing pages from an old book inside a mason jar. Then, add family photographs, pressed flowers, special tokens received from a loved one or favorite butterflies between the page and the inside of the jar.

To add lighted effects to your Thanksgiving decorations, illuminate a mason jar. Insert LED lights, glow sticks or candles to cheer up a room:

  • Make lanterns for the mantle, porch or garden. Place a glow stick inside a mason jar covered with fabric to illuminate pathways and sitting areas.
  • Design floating tea lights. Fill a mason jar 2/3 full with water, float a tea light in the center and light. Add a few decorations to the jar by placing a cinnamon sticks, rosemary sprigs or whole cloves in the jar before adding the water.
  • Attach a wire handle to the top of mason jars and hang the jars from porches and tree branches.

Thanksgiving Care Packages

When Thanksgiving dinner is over and everyone is stuffed, pull out the mason jars and put together those leftovers for a few tasty meals later in the week. Here are a few ideas:

  • For the sandwich lovers, first place sliced turkey in the bottom of a quart sized mason jar, Fill a 4 ounce mason jar with cranberry sauce, put a lid on it and set on top of the turkey. Fill another small jar with cream cheese or other favorite sandwich topping and set on top of the cranberry sauce. Close the lid on the large jar.
  • For a turkey and gravy treat, place sliced turkey in the bottom of a pint size wide mouth jar and smother with gravy. Add a scoop of either mashed potatoes or stuffing on top and add more gravy if desired. Place cranberry sauce in a paper cupcake liner and set on top of the mashed potatoes or stuffing.

Mason jars can do double duty as pie plates and cake pans. Here are a few desserts that can be baked in a mason jar:

  • Use half-pint jars for single serving sized pies. Use either prepared or homemade pie crust to line the jar and fill with a favorite pie filling, such as apple or pumpkin. Pies can be cooked right away or put in the freezer to be baked on another day.
  • Instead of the standard paper cupcake liners, pour cupcake batter in small mason jars and bake. When the cupcakes have cooled, top with icing and put the lid on the jar.

Thanksgiving Punch Glasses

If you’re planning a big Thanksgiving dinner with lots of guests, there’s always a possibility of not having enough glasses for everyone’s beverages. When there aren’t enough glasses to go around, break out the smaller mason jars and fill them up with everyone’s favorite beverages. One way to keep drinks from spilling is to punch a small hole (big enough for a straw) into a lid, screw the lid on the jar and slide the straw through the hole. And, if you need a punch bowl, use a half-gallon mason jar instead.

Mason jars are a versatile addition to the Thanksgiving holidays. Explore the many ways to use mason jars to decorate a Thanksgiving table, bake desserts and package goodies for guests to take home.

Last Updated: October 28, 2012
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