Traditional Christmas Door Decorations

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Your front door is one of the first things to greet holiday guests, making it the perfect area to decorate for Christmas. The traditional style of Christmas décor is best for homes with classic style. Use all of your favorite holiday materials and colors to welcome friends and family to your door. Remember, the larger your front door and entryway, the larger your Christmas decorations can be. Keep size and space in mind when selecting your décor.

Front Door Wreaths

  • Hanging a wreath on your front door is a must for the traditional Christmas style. The easiest and most cost effective way to decorate with wreaths is to purchase a plain pine wreath from a craft or home décor store, or check your local Christmas tree farm. By adding your own accents to the wreath, you can create a custom door decoration that is easily switched for every style, every season.
  • For classic Christmas flare, add red and green ornaments, a large red and/or green bow, pinecones and cranberries to your front door wreath.
  • If your front door already has a nail in it, simply hang the wreath on it by its ribbon. If you do not already have a nail in your door, and do not want to install one and damage your door, try adhesive hooks. Special hooks by companies like 3M are designed to securely support small to medium sized items without stripping paint or leaving damage when removed.

traditional Christmas Door Decorations

  • For a solid ornament wreath, purchase a foam wreath base from a craft store. Glue red, green, silver and gold ornaments to the foam, until it is completely covered. Allow to thoroughly dry, then tie a large red or green ribbon at the top, forming a bow. Hang the ornament wreath from a nail or hook on your front door. Vary the size of the ornaments for added texture and depth.
  • For the look of snow on your wreath, spray a plain pine wreath with adhesive before adding any decorations. Before the adhesive dries, sprinkle the wreath with Epsom salt, white glitter or silver glitter, or dust lightly with white spray paint. For a traditional look, do not cover the entire wreath, allowing at least some green to show through.
  • To mimic the look of a snowman, attach three pine wreaths together in descending size (the smallest on top). Affix to your front door, and top with a hat and scarf.
  • For words or letters on your wreath, purchase foam or wood letters from a craft store. Paint them red or green, and spell out Christmas messages, your last name or initials. Glue to the wreath when done.
  • Add poinsettia flowers for a pop of seasonal color

Traditional Christmas Door Decorations Traditional Christmas Door Decorations Traditional Christmas Door Decorations

Door Décor

  • You can also create DIY traditional Christmas front door décor with ornaments. Attach several red, green, gold and silver Christmas ornaments to ribbons, then tie the ribbons together at their ends, forming a bow. Hang the ornaments, from the bow, on a nail or hook on your front door. Just remember, the longer the ribbons, the more your ornaments will bounce (potentially breaking) each time the door is opened and closed.
  • Red and green plaid bows add vibrant traditional color to any wreath, and can be used alone as front door Christmas décor.
  • Drape a pine garland over the doorframe, and decorate with matching ornaments and ribbons to your wreath.
  • Hang a large stocking on your door, left plain, or adorned with your last name or initials.

traditional Christmas Door Decorations

Christmas Decorations for Railings

  • If you have railings along a staircase leading to your front door, or along your porch, wrap them with a plain pine garland. Like your wreath, add classic Christmas décor for traditional style.
  • If you would like string lights around your garland, add these before any other décor. White or colored lights on a green wire look best.
  • Wrap a red ribbon around the garland, following its spiral around the railing. If you added string lights, try not to cover them with the ribbon.
  • Top your railing garland display with red, green, silver and gold ornaments.

traditional Christmas Door Decorations

Door-Side Displays

  • Place small (one to four foot) pine trees in large pots on either side of your front door.
  • Decorate the trees with red and green ribbon, ornaments and string lights verified for outdoor use.
  • Place several potted poinsettias in groups on one or both sides of your front door.
  • Wrap large red or green ribbons around the pots of plants already on your doorstep.
  • Set medium to large ornaments in the soil around potted plants.


Last Updated: December 17, 2012
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