Unique Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Create a gift wrap as unique as the gift inside. Christmas gift wrapping can go beyond the standard wrapping paper and ribbons. Here is a sampling of some of the many ways to wrap a present.

Recycled Wrapping Ideas

Gifts of wine, herbed vinegars and Mason jar cakes can be packaged in a homemade sleeve. This sleeve can be made from an old shirt, sweater or any scrap material.

To make a sleeve wrapper for jars and bottles:

  • Cut the sleeve off a long sleeve shirt or sweater. Cable knit is perfect for winter. A shirt with a decorative cuff also adds an attractive accent.
  • Measure the sleeve to fit the height of jar or bottle.
  • Sew the bottom of the sleeve together (the end you cut). The cuff should be left open.
  • Put the bottle inside the sleeve.

Here are some other items that can be recycled into Christmas gift wrapping:

  • Scraps of fabric, ribbon and buttons make attractive covers for Mason jar lids.
  • Last year’s Christmas cards can be cut up and used as gift tags. Cards and other scraps of paper can be folded into flower-shaped ornaments or cut out to make snowflakes to decorate gift boxes. You can also use the cards to cover a plain brown box.
  • Wrap parchment paper boxes, oatmeal containers or other food container in Christmas wrapping paper. Fill with cookies, muffins and other treats.

Wrap a Present in a Present

Furoshiki folding techniques can be used on scarves, sarongs, towels, ties and other clothing accessories to make creative wraps for small gifts such as jewelry and books. These fabric presents can also tie into a bow or carrying bags. Here are some other ideas:

  • Fold a tablecloth into a basket and wrap small gifts in matching napkins. Great for wrapping small kitchen gadgets and home-baked goods.
  • Use space-saving clothes folding techniques to turn intimate gifts of socks, underwear or t-shirts into small rolls. Wrap a pair of earrings or cufflinks into the rolls of a scarf or tie and enclose in a decorative box.
  • For the sports enthusiast, wrap a basketball, soccer ball or bowling ball in a team t-shirt folded into a carrying bag with a handle.
  • Turn a summer hat into a basket filled with homemade moisturizers, herbal baths, sachets and potpourris.
  • Roll baby onesies and t-shirts into cupcake shapes. Find directions here.

Color Combinations for Gift Wrapping

Turn beautifully tied bows and carefully wrapped presents from ordinary to spectacular with the right combination of contrasting colors. Here are some bold color choices for Christmas gift wrapping:

  • Green packaging with a blue ribbon and bow. Use accessories in shades of brown, cream, gray, or red.
  • Lavender packaging with a chocolate brown ribbon and bow. Cream and gray make stunning accessory colors.
  • Red wrapping with a green ribbon and bow. Select accessories in cream, blue, gray.
  • Maroon wrapping with a gold ribbon. Decorate with navy blue or gray accessories.

There’s a wide world of ways to wrap a present. Simple handmade flourishes will go a long way to win the heart of the gift’s recipient. Wrapping material that is carefully creased and folded shows how much you care and spreads holiday goodwill.

Last Updated: December 7, 2012
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