Unique DIY Christmas Wreath Ideas

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The Christmas wreath has changed and transformed over the centuries. Today, the Christmas wreath is a festive decoration for any door, entryway, wall or fireplace. Christmas wreaths are as diverse and creative as the people that make these welcoming ornaments.

Collecting Wreath Making Materials

Traditionally, Christmas wreaths are made from evergreen branches, flowers, leaves, fruits and berries. While these materials bring out the Christmas spirit, the list of possible wreath making materials is endless.

Wreaths can be made from just about any material that can be found around the house and in the yard. With a little imagination, anything can be added to a wreath. Photos, baby toys, souvenirs, baubles and beads are all suitable decorations for a Christmas wreath. To give a wreath that special Christmas flavor, add touches of holiday ribbons, candy canes and Christmas tree ornaments.

diy christmas wreath 

Wreath Making Tips

An attractive wreath starts with a wreath base. There are several types of wreath bases:

  • Straw bases are a good option when the entire base will be covered. 
  • Grapevine bases are not completely covered, and it is easy to attach ornaments to them. These bases give a wreath a natural look.
  • Styrofoam bases are easy to wrap and easy to attach ornaments to. These bases are usually covered with fabric or ribbon, and should be hidden entirely by whatever decor you choose. 
  • Wire bases are used for wreaths made of evergreen branches.

Before attaching ribbons, raffia, ornaments and evergreens to the wreath, spend some time laying out the materials to see what the finished wreath will look like.

diy christmas wreath

Here are a few items that can make attaching ornaments to wreath forms easier:

  • Adhesives such as a glue gun, florist tape and tacky glue
  • Wrapping material such as ribbons and floral wire
  • Florist pins and picks
  • Pliers, wire cutters and scissors
  • Measuring tape and ruler

7 Unique Christmas Wreath Ideas

Christmas wreaths come in all shapes and sizes, colors and textures, styles and themes. Christmas wreaths can be designed around a traditional theme, a contemporary theme or it can be as unique as its designer. Here are some ideas to help the imagination run wild.

  1. Memory wreaths are filled with mementos of special people, places and events. Here’s a way to keep memories alive during the holidays. Use a memory wreath to celebrate an event such as a wedding, birthday or a Christmas past. A memory wreath can also chronicle the important events during a person’s lifetime. Memory wreaths can be decorated with pictures and small reminders or souvenirs.
  2. Crafters wreaths can be used to showcase a crafter’s art. Crafters wreaths can be created by glassworkers, skrapbookers, quilters and beaders. This wreath gives the crafter an opportunity to show off their best work and create a special gift for family and friends.
  3. Backyard wreaths can be fashioned from any type of plant material found around the yard. Wreaths can be made from branches, greenery, pinecones, moss, bark, ferns, dried hydrangeas and holly. Use ribbons or small ornaments to add extra color and texture to finish the backyard wreath.
  4. Rag wreaths can be made from any old fabric that is lying around the house. It can be strips of scrap fabric, old clothes, yarn or ribbon. Cut the cloth into strips to wrap the wreath base. Other pieces of fabric can be used to create knots, bows and roses. Small handcrafted items such as mittens, angels and slippers can be added to the wreath as decorations. Also, fabric draped over the wreath form can be tied on with decorative cord, string, chain or beads.
  5. Favorite activity wreaths make a great gift for the sports enthusiast. Make a wreath for a favorite golfer using small whiffle balls for golf balls, golf tees, ribbons and other golf-related ornaments. For the beach lover, decorate a wreath form with palm fronds, shells and other beach treasures.
  6. Hat wreaths can be made out of any hat using the hat’s brim as the foundation for the wreath. Any type of decoration may be added to the hat wreath. Dried flowers, leaves, ribbons and holly berries make attractive additions to the hat wreath.
  7. Duct tape wreaths are made by wrapping a straw wreath form with duct tape, painting with acrylic craft paint, adding a ribbon and attaching some plastic holiday flowers. Duct tape can also be used to fashion flowers, leaves, candy canes and snowmen.

A handmade Christmas wreath is a special and unique holiday ornament or gift. A Christmas wreath can be made from any type of material and can be as individual as the person who hand crafted the wreath. Imaginative Christmas wreaths are only limited by the imagination of the wreath maker.

Last Updated: December 3, 2012
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