The Benefits Of Solar Panels For Your Home

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These days, it seems that everyone is driving a hybrid, drinking from reusable bottles, and using cloth grocery bags. Being good to the environment is not only humane, but trendy! Why not invest in some solar panels for your home to go green like everyone else?

Now, before you go installing those solar panels on top of your home, make sure that they will make an impact on your energy intake and output.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Apart from saving the environment, there are several benefits to utilizing solar energy in your home, including:

  • Cutting energy costs
  • Increasing safety
  • Easy installation
  • Versatility

Cutting Energy Costs

Not only will you be saving the environment, you will be saving yourself money. Solar panels can cut a good chunk of change off your home energy bill. As long as the installation and hook up is done correctly, and you have allocated the energy retrieved by the solar panels to the proper outlets, you will start to the savings pile in. Keep in mind that you will have to pay a good amount upfront, but all of that money will be made back after you have installed and begun to use your solar panels. Solar energy is a renewable resource, and will not negatively affect the environment the way that traditional electricity has.

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Increasing Safety

No one likes his or her children, or pets even, messing with electricity. Countless home products have been designed to alleviate this problem in particular. As far as safety goes, solar panels:

  • Decrease the risk of electrocution
  • Don't suffer from a blackout

Because of the type of energy being retrieved and channeled by solar panels, the risk of injury is very small. If a blackout occurs, the items hooked up to your solar panels will still run because the panels are in no way connected to the main energy lines. For any of you folks that were spooked by Y2K, this could be the selling point for you.

Easy Installation

Although they look bulky and hard to manage, installing solar panels is easier than it looks. Most solar panels have very few wires to hook up, and work with the design of your home's electricity system. This goes for those who have older home designs as well. In addition, many of the companies who sell solar panels offer free home installation to those who purchase.


Solar panels can be used to power several things in your home, including:

  • Lighting
  • Water heating
  • Low-energy appliances

Much like traditional electrical power, you may have to set up alternate sources for the lighting and appliances, and the water heating. Solar cells are long-lasting, but keep in mind that they are affected by the amount of sunlight on a given day. Although solar technology now allows you to use solar power at night, or on cloudy days, it will not be as reliable as traditional electric outputs.

Before You Install

Remember that you will be qualified for a tax incentive if you are using solar panels. Check to see what your local policies are, and what forms need to be filled out. Keep in mind that your normal homeowner's insurance will suffice for solar paneling, but you may want to add in to your contract that you will now be using solar energy in your home.

Investing in solar panels is a great move for your home and the environment. Check to make sure that you are qualified and well equipped, and get started!

Last Updated: January 18, 2012
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