Chic Black & White Decorating Ideas

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Creating a room with a black and white theme is not only a classic and simple approach to energizing a space, it has a very chic and sophisticated appeal. The contrast of black and white is a strong and bold look, which can be used in a small powder room or an expansive living room. It is a look of modern simplicity that never goes out of style, and it's easy to do.

To decorate in black and white, small changes and ideas can go a long way. If walls and rooms are white, adding black items is easy.

  • Include images, drawings and pictures with black and white themes or décor to existing furniture pieces, rugs and fixtures.
  • Black and white décor can be added to a room through stripes, zebra prints and black and white patterned upholstery.
  • A white dominated room can have other colors and patterns but adding black in balance can create a black and white retro appeal.
  • Other additions for creating black and white flare in a space can be through accents and accessories such as lamps, rugs and pillows.
  • In a dining room, a black and white centerpiece can playoff of a dining room set and window treatments.
  • For a living room or bedroom, picture frames and mirrors can add to a black and white theme.

Using what already exists in your home such as white walls, framing, floors and molding takes only the addition of black accessories to create the mood. Fixtures and hardware can add a black element without losing the light and airy feel of a white. Black is a dramatic color and a little goes a long way.

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A few room ideas to discover for a black and white chic design and look can start with a bedroom. Bedding, pillows, carpets and rugs can have black and white patterns or accents without being dark or intimidating. The balance of white and black should be adding black to fill out a white space or adding black for definition. Finding white linens with black boarders or monogramming in black are subtle ways to create a chic black and white feel. Floor coverings can follow suit as well. Even a black headboard can create a sophisticated sense of style to a white bedroom.

Living Rooms

In a living room, one dramatic black piece of furniture can give a white couch or white rug a stylish black and white contrast look. A black upholstered oversized chair with ottoman will work as well as a black small table or large black lamp with a white shade. Keep in mind textures add to the mood. Choosing glossy furniture such as high-end veneered furniture, durable plastic pieces or sleek coverings in black can be creative accents too.


In a bathroom, black and white ideas are plentiful, from striped wallpaper to painting patterns to dividing walls in black and white, and can offer several possibilities for black and white ideas. More additions can be created with bathroom décor through tiles, fixtures, tubs, vanities and window treatments. Linens are another route to achieving a dramatic black and white look especially in a small bathroom.


Kitchens offer endless possibilities for black and white creativity. An all white kitchen becomes chic and stunning with black countertops. Flooring can have a black and white checker pattern and an all white kitchen can include all black appliances. Add a black backsplash or simply display black canisters and black decorative items to a kitchen with all white cabinets.

Dining Rooms

In the dining room, a modern appeal of black and white can be achieved through a black dining room table with white chairs or chairs with white coverings. Linens and dishware can create a black and white decorative appeal as well as rugs or carpet with black and white patterns. Window treatments will also add to a black and white design. Window treatments in any room that has a black and white theme can offer another dramatic opportunity whether it is ceiling to floor with black and white fabric layers and matching valances or just a white Venetian blind with black panels. When using simple ideas, presenting fabrics with textures or finishes can offer more appeal.

Your home may have black and white items that are placed everywhere. Bringing some of these items together in one room can not only be inventive but will create a black and white style that is uniquely yours. Painting furniture pieces, frames and chairs black or white will also add a dramatic appeal.

Creating your own designs with simple additions will add a surprising amount of options for black and white ideas. Black and white décor and decorating is always an option for any home. Many magazines, home décor companies and fabric and wall covering manufacturers have black and white design lines and ideas. It's a look that appeals to sophisticated urbanites and laid-back country dwellers.

Last Updated: July 23, 2012
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