Daily Cleaning Guide: Chore Checklist

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The key to keeping a clutter free home isn’t a giant cleaning spree once a month. Taking small steps each day to keep your house healthy, sanitized and organized is the best way to prevent difficult messes in the future. Use this daily cleaning checklist to cover each area of your home with quick, once per day tasks, sure to keep your home sparkling.


  • Wipe Up Spills: Whether you’re cooking, placing items in your refrigerator or trying to set something on a high shelf, spills are bound to happen. From hot grease to grape jelly, even small spots on your floors, stove and countertops can build up quickly and hang on tightly. While it may seem like a hassle at first, always wipe up anything you spill immediately after it happens. Stains are much easier to remove at this point, and they won’t have a chance to build. Taking 30 seconds to clean a cooking mess is much easier than an entire day spent removing a month or more of built up food debris.
  • Check Items You’re Using: As you go about your day in the kitchen, check each item you use to ensure it is still fresh. While you don’t need to take inventory of your entire refrigerator, freezer and pantry each day, giving the items you already have in hand a quick check is an easy way to prevent spoiled food from sitting in your kitchen.
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  • Wipe The Counter: Like the kitchen, keeping bathroom spills to a minimum is key. Drops of foundation, specks of powder, globs of hair gel and dabs of toothpaste build up quickly and can stick in your grout. Allowing these spills to remain longer than a day will create a much tougher clean up job as grout and tile discolor and need to be scrubbed. Even using a square of toilet paper or tissue to quickly wipe away spills will keep your bathroom looking clean and staying clean.
  • Clean The Toilet: While scrubbing your toilet by hand each day is a bit tedious, many products designed for this appliance will do the daily work for you. Purchase a bleach tablet or automatic spray designed to sanitize your toilet with each flush. You’ll see a brighter, whiter toilet bowl with fewer cleanings needed, and a fresh scent released each time it’s used.


  • Keep Your Bed Tidy: Any child will tell you that making your bed can be easily forgotten, but this daily bedroom chore can go a long way to keeping your room clean. Be sure to make the bed each morning as an easy way to encourage other cleanly habits. A well made bed is less likely to be covered with clothing and discarded accessories, and looks much more put together. Even if other areas of the bedroom are a bit untidy, a smooth comforter and pillows in their place can make the whole room appear nicer.
  • Pick Up Small Accessories & Shoes: It may be tempting to leave that earring on the floor and your shoes just outside the closet door, but picking up these small items each day is essential to preventing clutter. Avoid a massive cleanup effort in the future by placing items where they belong, rather than leaving them on the ground.

Living Room

  • Organize Clutter: The living room is frequently home to magazines, catalogues, newspapers and even mail, which can easily build up. Each day, be sure to place reading material in a drawer, basket or trunk designed to store these items out of sight, but within reach. Organizing clutter in the living room not only looks nice, but can prevent important pieces of mail and favorite catalogues from becoming lost in the mess.

Whole House

  • Get Your Mail: Everyday, be sure to collect your mail from the mailbox and sort through it. An overfilled box can easily cause the post office to halt delivery, and a messy stack of bills will often lead to one or more being overlooked. It may not be your favorite part of the day, but sorting the mail is a necessary daily task for preventing clutter and future hassles.
  • Treat Stains: All spills and pet accidents should always be cleaned up immediately. Never leave anything on the floor for another day. The sooner it’s picked up and wiped away, the easier it will be.
  • Clear Walkways & Hallways: As you walk around your home each day, pick up anything cluttering the floors in walkways and hallways. Clutter looks exaggerated in these small, narrow areas, and you’re more likely to trip on obstacles while walking through them. Also be sure to clean up anything spilled or dropped in these areas, as they’re more likely to be stepped on and tracked around the house in high traffic hallways.
Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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