How To Decorate Your Home With Reds

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Red is a vibrant, exciting color so it’s no wonder it’s used in homes all over the world to decorate. Red is the color for luck in China, a marriage color in India and of course a symbol of love and romance here in the U.S., so people use it in their homes not only to decorate for the beauty of the color of it, but also to bring energy into their home.

While red is a powerful color, the use of too much red can be overpowering, which is not something you necessarily want in your home. In feng shui too much red is believed to create anger and restlessness, so while it is a great color to use it is one to use carefully.

Red used around the home can be a wonderful accent and add the right amount of energy and burst of color but be mindful of what rooms you use it in and how you use it.

Do’s with Reds

  • Accent Pieces. The perfect use of red is in accent pieces around the home, for example as a great piece of art or throw pillows in a living room or as a chair. Red adds a wonderful burst of color and contrast and can create a fun conversation piece if you have one large item in red, like a chair. Red is a color that the eye naturally goes to so for this reason plan where you put the red and don’t have it all over – peoples’ eyes can only focus on one place at a time. For example, if you have a big picture on the wall in the color red and an accent pillow with red in it you may not want to also have a red chair and a red accent wall. You want to place the red carefully around rooms like the living room, dining room and den so you can enjoy the energy and get a burst from it, not be overpowered by it.
  • Accent Wall. A red accent wall can add a nice blast of color but be mindful of where and the shade of red. In an office or study it can be a wonderfully inspiring, energy giving color which is useful in those rooms, but in a bedroom or bathroom, typically rooms that are more for relaxing, you may want to keep the red out. And again, don’t think a red accent wall means you don’t have any other red in the room. For example, you can have a red wall and some pillows with red in them to tie the red into the room. You don’t want to have a lone red wall with nothing else tying it into the room. Remember, no matter what your color choice is you want the room to be a cohesive one, so bring it into the overall space.
  • Red Front Door. In feng shui a red front door means money and good energy and who doesn’t want that to come in their home so consider a red front door. Plus, it’s an easy color for people to spot your house so it makes it easy to identify when people come over.
  • Increase energy. Painting one or several walls in your home red may give you just the energy boost you need to head off to work, get household chores done, or finally get out the door to walk the dog.
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How Not To Decorate With Red

  • Bedroom Color. Don’t put red as a bedroom color as the bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing room and red is too stark and alarming for such a soothing space. You may want to have a red picture in the room to bring in the energy of love and romance, which is great, but be mindful of the placement of the picture and the effect on your room. You want your bedroom to be a relaxing space for you to rest and feel rejuvenated, so pick colors that make that happen for you.
  • Bathroom color. In a relaxing room for cleaning and purifying, the color red doesn’t naturally spring to mind. Stick to blues and neutrals for this room.
  • An Entirely Red Room. Uh no. Again, it’s a strong color so a little goes a long way. You want people to feel welcome in the room, but too much red makes it repelling, which is just the opposite. You want the room to be enjoyable and warm and maybe even fiery, so have some red but not all red. Just think, you like a fire in a corner of a room, but not all over the room as that’s not soothing but stressful. Same goes for an allover red room.

Red can do wonders for your living space, create a sense of vitality and energy and love and even promote success and romance. But be mindful of where you put it and how much you use so you don’t create the opposite.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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