Easy Ways To Decorate With Bronze

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Warm metallic touches bring coziness and light to home décor. Deep classic bronze is just right for fall and winter decorating, and it’s easy to incorporate into a variety of different decorating styles.

A Warm Bronze Palette

Bronze is the perfect addition to rich, warm color schemes. If you’re planning to decorate your home with bronze, here are some shades that will blend particularly well:

  • Regal purple tones: Any purple tones from eggplant to grape will compliment bronze beautifully.
  • Reds: Try deep, saturated reds and burgundy hues. See Decorating With Reds.
  • Greens: Shades such as hunter or forest green blend gracefully with bronze home designs.
  • Earth tones: Pair bronze with varying shades of brown, beige and cream for an understated elegance.
  • Other metals: Bronze looks very dramatic with other metallic tones, particularly gold, brass or copper.

Bronze Hardware

The fixtures and hardware in your home help set the tone for each room’s design. Replacing existing hardware is a simple way to get started with bronze-themed decorating. You might want to change some or all of these home fixtures to bronze:

Bronze Furniture & Upholstery

Introducing bronze metal or colored furniture is another fast and easy way to incorporate bronze into your home décor. Some of these pieces might be right for your rooms:

  • Accent tables: Bronze coffee tables or end tables with a glass top add elegance to your living room or family room.
  • Shelving: For a strong statement, give your bookcases and shelves a new look with metallic bronze paint.
  • Soft chairs and sofas: Look for bronze colored upholstery or upholstery in a complementary color with a metallic bronze thread stripe or pattern.
  • Bedroom furniture: Try a bronze headboard or a wooden headboard painted bronze and linens with some subtle shimmering bronze threads, sequins or beads. If you’d like, bring in a chaise lounge or chair with bronze legs or bronze-toned upholstery.
  • Cabinets: Paint cabinets in a solid bronze tone or just add a metallic bronze trim or stencil pattern.
  • Kitchen or dining room set: Use a gentle bronze-toned stain or paint to transform your kitchen and dining room tables and chairs. For an instant transformation, just cover tables with bronze-colored solid or patterned tablecloths or add a shiny bronze table runner. For a coordinated dining experience, set your table with bronze toned flatware and dishes.

Bronze Walls, Floors and Windows

Extend your bronze theme to the outermost areas of your rooms with these simple ideas:

  • A patterned carpet with lots of bronze coloring
  • Flooring with metallic bronze flecks
  • Complimentary colored drapes with metallic bronze drape ties
  • Bronze colored or patterned curtains, shades or blinds
  • Wallpaper with a subtle bronze stripe or pattern
  • Bronze gilding for walls or moldings
  • Bronze colored paint on moldings and around window frames
  • Metallic bronze switch plate cover
  • Ceramic tile flooring in a pattern of cream and bronze
  • Bronze backsplash for kitchen or bathroom

Bronze Accents & Accessories

To complete the look of your bronze-themed room, include some of these finishing touches:

  • Sculpture: Whether you prefer large floor statues or smaller ones to grace your tables and shelving, bronze sculptures add an authentic touch of history and sophistication. You might enjoy classic Italian figures, a calming bronze Buddha or a clean lined abstract sculpture.
  • Appliances: Bronze toned appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers are becoming popular.
  • Lighting: A bronze chandelier, candelabra or sconces offer soft accent lighting. For stronger light, you might want to add a pole lamp with a bronze base or a table lamp with a bronze colored shade.
  • Pictures: Use bronze picture frames for your paintings, prints and photos.
  • Wreaths: Hang a sculpted bronze wreath or create your own with faux foliage and bronze spray paint.
  • Accent pillows and throws: Toss lots of soft accent pillows and throws onto your couch, chairs and bed. They don’t all have to be the same. Try a combination of shiny metallic bronze pillows, a colorful patterned throw with some bronze running through it or a solid throw and pillows in soft bronze tones.
  • Doorways: Hang a bronze beaded curtain or sheer bronze drape.
  • Vases: Arrange flowers in actual bronze vases or bronze colored ceramic vases.
  • Planters: Use a deep bronze pot to house a large green houseplant.
  • Decorative plates and bowls: Display these on tables and shelves or mount them on your walls.
  • Entranceway: Organize your entrance area with a large bronze coat stand and umbrella stand.
  • Stereo speakers: If you’ve got prominent, large stereo speakers, cover them in metallic bronze fabric.

Decorating with bronze is easy and doesn’t have to be expensive. Just a few simple bronze touches will transform any room and add a cozy sophistication to your home design.

Last Updated: September 16, 2012
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