Easy Decorating Ideas For A Relaxing Home

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In an age of countless electronic distractions, mountains of clutter, and seemingly zero time to keep track of it all, it doesn't take much for your home to become a mecca of mess and mayhem. Your home should be a safe haven and a place you can go to escape the fast pace of the world at large.

Keep Your Home Clean

A clean home is really a happy home. No one can relax when they're buried under piles of clutter and decades of dust. Set up a cleaning schedule and clean regularly. Make sure that you take care of the big things like vacuuming, mopping, doing the dishes, and laundering clothes, but don't forget the little stuff like dusting countertops and cleaning windows and glass surfaces. Avoid using products that leave a strong odor in the air because these can be harmful as well as distracting and unpleasant. Scenting your space with candles, incense, oil burners, and other aromatherapy items will create a tranquil and welcoming environment for you and your guests. Make sure that you consider the other people in your home, discuss their favorite scents and use accordingly.

Ditch Your Electronics

Electronics are probably the biggest distraction in your home. Even when they're not on, they can be disturbing. There are easy ways to keep them out of sight and out of mind, for instance:

  • Hide your television behind closing cabinet doors
  • Keep cords off walkways
  • Keep volume low
  • Never have more than one electronic item on at a time

Purchasing an entertainment center that allows you to close the doors on your television may be the wisest purchase you make when it comes to ridding your home of distractions. It's much easier to forget about the television when you can't see it.

No one wants to fear walking around your living room because of some haphazardly strewn cords. Tape them to the wall or tuck them safely behind furniture.

Don't run multiple electronics at once, unless you're entertaining. When you do have something on, keep the volume low, so as not to disrupt any other members of your household.

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Use Color To Create Moods

Choose paint colors and wall décor that will create the mood you desire in your home. Using colors in your design like white, beige and yellow will make your space seem more open. Once you've painted, don't load your walls with obtuse ornaments or posters. Keep the wall décor to a minimum. The less time you spend scanning the walls, the more time you can spend with your head buried in a book, or enjoying a meal with your friends and family.

Avoid Clutter, Even On Shelves

If you have unnecessary items stored on shelves or countertops, it's time to rethink your home storage techniques. Come up with storage space for all the different types of clutter that adorn your visible countertops. For instance, it's a good idea to have separate storage areas for:

  • Important papers and documents
  • Photos and keepsakes
  • Games, DVDs, CDs, and other forms of entertainment

It is easy to keep smaller items out of sight, but when it comes to bigger items, you might have to resort to clearing out some extra space in the garage or the storageunit.

Surround Yourself With Happy Memories

Once you've thoroughly de-cluttered you can feel comfortable decorating to your liking. Pick your favorite family photos and memory keepsakes and place them out. You don't want to overwhelm your space with knick-knacks, but it is comforting to keep reminders of your happiest memories. If you have more family photos than you know what to do with, start keeping them in albums that you set aside shelf-space for. That way, your happiest memories are within arm's reach.

Create At Least One Sanctuary

Everyone should have a place they can escape to. For some it's a warm bubble bath, for others it's their record collection, or any number of other treasured areas or items. Pick a room, or an area in the house to have as your sanctuary. When you start to feel overwhelmed or distracted throughout the day, retreat to your special spot in the house for a little bit of "you time". This can be any place in your home, but make sure that is specific to you, and a place that you can be solitary if necessary.

Nothing should keep you from feeling comfortable and relaxed in your home. Don't forget that it's always in your power to set the tone of your living space. Don't be afraid to get rid of items that are too distracting and hide away the items that are indispensible. Above all, keep your own peace of mind at heart, and decorate with purpose, as well as for the fun of it.

Last Updated: September 7, 2011
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