The Best New Year’s Resolutions For The Home

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Creating New Year’s resolutions for your home can not only last all year long, but resolutions for your home can also save you money and unnecessary frustrations for the months to come. New Year resolutions for your home are practical chores, which should be a part of any homeowner’s home maintenance and care. To decide upon home resolutions, take inventory of your home and figure out what needs to be fixed, replaced or cleaned. Make sure you have the necessary tools, products and replacement items to take care of all your resolution ideas. A trip to a home building supply store may be in order especially if replacing screens, filters and other home operating system parts. Consult manuals or manufacturers for information on replacing, cleaning or removing items.


Some resolutions to consider for your home can include a full kitchen cleaning from baseboards to ceiling fixtures as well as everything in between. A kitchen is a magnet for dirt, grime, grease build-up and wear and tear.

  • Assess flooring, baseboards, cabinets, lights, the refrigerator, the oven and windows.
  • Include all appliances in your kitchen assessment especially if a thorough cleaning is in order.
  • Although baseboards, cabinets, drawers and countertops may not need special attention, a good cleaning will reveal if areas are damaged or need touch ups.
  • For hard to reach areas such as light fixtures, the top of cabinets, high shelving or the top of a refrigerators, have a stepladder and extendable dust tools available.
  • An easy New Year’s home resolution to enact is to clean out your refrigerator inside and out.
  • Throw out expired and empty items as well as clean your refrigerator shelves, plastic parts and crevices prone to dirt and crumbs. Use baking soda as a cleaner with warm water.
  • In addition, dust or vacuum the bottom of your refrigerator as well as clean out any drip pans and elements.
  • Use cleaning supplies that are not harmful or toxic if needed for tough grime.
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Rain Gutters

Another New Year’s resolution for your home is to clean and repair rain gutters. Rain gutters are often forgotten, but should not be. Cleaning rain gutters are important because if not, emptied water damage and flooding can occur to your home.

  • Gutters should be cleaned and checked in the spring and fall after and before winter when leaves, dirt and branches are likely to fill up gutter space.
  • To clean rain gutters safely, use a pressure washer with an extension or a type of air vac with an extension to empty out filled gutters. Using a ladder to get tough build up out may be necessary.
  • Some other tools that might help clean out rain gutters are small trowels and hoses. Have a garbage bag, bucket and gloves handy for debris or messy build-ups.
  • Rain gutters are often damaged by weather, pests such as termites and tree branches.
  • Preventing water build up in a rain gutter can save your home’s roof from rotting and prevent other water damage to your house. Keeping water flow unobstructed in a rain gutter is important and necessary.


If your home has fireplaces, include on your home resolution list to clean out fireplace ash and chimney sweeping. Cleaning a chimney is a messy job and professionals are available to do the dirty work.

  • It’s important to clean a chimney to prevent house fires. Besides cleaning out soot and dirt, a chimney needs to be scraped from either inside your home or outside from the roof to remove creosote.
  • A number of systems to clean a chimney are available at home building supply stores. Brushes, extension devices and other items to clean a chimney are available for all types of chimneys.
  • Keep in mind the mess that will be created inside your home if you decide to clean from the bottom up.
  • If cleaning from the top down, closing flues until the job is done will limit dirt and soot inside your home.

Home Operating Systems

  • Other resolutions for your home can include updating and checking the various operating systems that keep your home functional and comfortable such as checking your heating and air conditioning.
  • These systems may have vents that need cleaning, filters that need to be replaced and connections that may need to be checked.
  • In addition, it’s always a good idea to replace batteries in all emergency devices including fire alarms as well as emergency flashlights.
  • Checking your home’s pipes for leaks and rust is also a good idea to prevent a potential problem from becoming an expensive headache.
  • Besides pipes, examine your home for wood rot, broken items and other repairs including screens, flooring, walls, windows and doors.

New Year’s home resolutions can save a year’s worth of time and money if tackling potential problems before they occur.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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