Single Day Projects For Home Improvement

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You don't need lots of time or money for home improvements with a big impact. Lots of affordable projects can be accomplished in only a day.

Quick Fixes for Any Room

No matter which room you'd like to update, these quick projects provide an almost instant face-lift:

  • Fresh paint: Change your whole color scheme with a new shade, or simply brighten your room with a fresh coat of your existing color.
  • Window treatments: New curtains, shades or blinds either brighten or soften your room, while introducing new color if you choose.
  • New lighting: Something as simple as new lamps brightens your space and defines your style.
  • Dimmers and switch plates: Introduce subtle mood lighting with a dimmer switch you can install within an hour, or replace old switch plates with new ones that match your decorating style, color and themes.
  • Accessories: You'd be surprised what a few sparkling vases, sculptures, centerpieces, new shelving or other accessories can do to perk up a room.
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  • Wall art: Brighten a dark room with a light sunny framed print, or add some deep warm colors to a pale one with a richly colored oil painting. Don't forget intricate tapestries for a cozy touch or mirrors for a feeling of light and space.
  • Area rugs: These rugs add color, texture and definition to a room in addition to covering up worn flooring.
  • Peel and stick flooring: In a few hours, you can install a brand new floor right on top of your existing one.
  • Paint or refinish a door: Make any exterior or interior door look brand new again. Take this a step further by installing new doorknobs or handles.
  • Rent a carpet steamer: You may discover that your carpet becomes a completely new color after you steam-clean it.
  • Closet storage systems: These systems beautify your closets as well as your living space by giving you a convenient place to store what would otherwise become clutter.
  • Rearrange the furniture: By just moving your existing furniture around, you'll get a new room without having to buy or install a thing.

Starting at the Top

Even though most people don't focus on a room's ceiling, fixing up this area really improves the appearance of any room. These ceiling improvements can all be completed in a day:

  • Changing the lighting fixtures
  • Installing a ceiling fan
  • Adding a ceiling medallion.

Dramatic Living Room and Family Room Makeovers

A huge percentage of peaceful family time and fun visits with friends takes place in the living room or family room. Fixing up these well-used areas has a big impact on the whole house. Try these easy ideas for a fresh new space to socialize:

  • Dress up your seating: Fitted slipcovers for sofas and upholstered chairs bring new colors, patterns and textures to your seating.
  • Sprinkle some throw pillows: Accent pillows add little splashes of color for a more subtle change. Because these pillows are small, dramatic touches such as sequins, beads or shiny metallic fabrics won't overwhelm your room.
  • Refinish or paint wooden furniture: Give your old wooden furniture a facelift or an entirely new look with paint or varnish. For a cozy cottage look, stencil on a pattern of hearts and flowers.
  • Cover your tables: If you're looking for an instant furniture change, consider tablecloths for your coffee and end table. You don't have to stick to traditional tablecloths; tapestries, throws and even small hand-knit blankets dress up accent tables beautifully.

A New Look for Your Bathroom

Your bathroom offers lots of opportunities for quick and easy improvements. Here are just a few:

  • Install a new showerhead and faucets.
  • Replace your shower curtain and bathmat.
  • Hang pretty new towels and washcloths.
  • Replace your toilet seat bath.
  • Add new bathroom accessories such as a toothbrush holder, garbage pail, bathroom-cup, rug, and soap dish.

Easy Bedroom Updates

Your bedroom can also become a serene new sanctuary within a day. Just introducing new bedding and decorative pillows transforms a bedroom instantly. Adding an electric fireplace adds warmth and atmosphere. You may also want to try some of these easy changes:

  • Install a new headboard.
  • Refinish your furniture.
  • Display fresh flowers.

For a child's bedroom, some bright wall decals or favorite music/movie posters create a fun, new look.

Upgrading Your Kitchen

When thinking about kitchen upgrades, long-term, expensive projects usually come to mind. This doesn't have to be the case, however. Freshen up your kitchen by:

  • Installing new cabinet and drawer pulls or knobs
  • Adding colorful new face panels for major kitchen appliances
  • Refinishing or painting of cabinets
  • Installing ceramic tile over countertops
  • Covering a countertop in decorative contact paper
  • Replacing old small appliances
  • Adding new chair pads and tablecloths
  • Introducing attractive new dishes.
Last Updated: December 21, 2011
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