How To Decorate Your Kitchen For Thanksgiving

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Decorating your kitchen for Thanksgiving adds a great deal of pleasantry for a Thanksgiving Day meal especially when the kitchen will be the most popular gathering spot in the house. A great deal of food preparation and cooking is logged in many kitchens before, during and after the meal so why not make your kitchen a festive and welcoming environment.

Some ideas for Thanksgiving decorations can range from the traditional cornucopia display and kid’s crafts of pilgrim hats and turkey to elegant table and countertop centerpieces and food displays.

  • Cornucopia’s can be purchased at kitchen and department stores or your own unique creation.
  • Decorating a kitchen for Thanksgiving does not necessarily have to follow a color scheme, but using fall colors such as a variety of yellows, reds and browns can be a great place to start with décor. Adding you own hues will also gives your decorations a personal appeal.
  • Easy decorating items liven up kitchen duties. Try Thanksgiving themed dishtowels, napkins and floor rugs.
  • You can also switch out dishes and mugs to match your Thanksgiving kitchen décor ideas and color scheme. Even using decorative Thanksgiving themed toweling adds a little festive element to the holiday.

Ready for Planting

Since food is the main attraction to this holiday time, why not show off baked goods and edibles in your kitchen. Pies, cookies, breads, fruits and vegetables that are part of most Thanksgiving Day meals make any kitchen a festive environment when on display and ready to be used. Cake and pie plates, cookie dishes, breadbaskets and bowls for fruit and vegetables are eye-catching décor in any kitchen. A bowl of apples easily transform into a Thanksgiving Day apple pie and a variety of potatoes on display will most likely be a choice for a recipe item in several dishes. A glass bowl or holiday themed dish with an assortment of nuts will also make an edible décor and a seasonal decoration too. In addition, the attraction of food makes everyone involved in preparing Thanksgiving excited to enjoy the main event—a Thanksgiving Day dinner.

  • Other décor items for the kitchen can include herb wreaths, which can be placed in any open wall space or on any door inside or outside of the kitchen.
  • A display of leaves and vines or branches with candles is another kitchen decoration, which can fill a window sill or exposed shelving.
  • Classic Thanksgiving décor also includes pumpkin, gourds and colored corn stalks for centerpieces or counter displays.
  • Colored corn stalks are can be decorative door hangings as well.
  • Thanksgiving themed items such as salt and pepper shakers, pitchers and glasses will fill a kitchen with festive décor too.
  • Festive Thanksgiving decorated coasters and beer mugs can also be festive items for décor especially for guests.
  • Using a variety of candles with a planned color scheme can be decorative items throughout a kitchen and on table and counter tops.
  • Make sure your Thanksgiving decorations do not over take your counter space for meal preparation especially if several guests plan to prepare a Thanksgiving Day meal in your kitchen.

Finished Product

Since many kitchens are closely connected or even a part of a dining area, make the dining room table an extension of your kitchen décor. Table settings for Thanksgiving Day can reflect your choice of color décor through dishes, glasses and linens as well as a centerpiece. Serving dishes may also have a decorative appeal and can serve many purposes including a countertop display for food items and also serving a unique recipe for your Thanksgiving Day meal. Décor for a dining room table can be simple and easy with candles and table linens are elaborate with colorful dishes and glasses.

  • If having a large gathering of people where a buffet might be in order, create festive Thanksgiving themed place cards and food labels for dishes.
  • Identifying cuisine at a large Thanksgiving Day meal will also assist those with food allergies and create a more pleasant environment for everyone.

Even once big Thanksgiving Day meal is over, there’s still an opportunity for festive décor. Kitchen decorations can be as subtle as using Thanksgiving themed Ziploc bags and storage containers for guests to take home leftovers or for your own leftover desires. Bundling edibles such as candies and cookies in Thanksgiving themed wrappings or bags with bows are also a great display item for guests and a memento for diners to take home after the meal. Besides sweet treats, canning lentils and beans in glass jars will also add to Thanksgiving décor with a display of orange and brown hues. The ideas are endless from start to finish to create a decorative Thanksgiving kitchen for the holidays.

Last Updated: January 11, 2013
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