How To Decorate The Kitchen With Bold Colors

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Using energetic and bold colors to decorate a kitchen can revive the room and create new excitement for one of the most frequented and important spaces in anyone’s home. When color becomes prominent in a kitchen, it will change the look and feel of the space— so be sure the colors you choose are ones you and your family can endure. The bold colors should provide energy and excitement to your kitchen space, evoking creativity and inspiration.

Thankfully, decorating with bold colors does not necessarily mean you will need to do an entire kitchen remodel. Countertops and cabinets can remain the same, while simple color changes such as switching out appliances, painting or tiling a backsplash or painting the walls can create an entirely new and distinctive kitchen. Showing off a colorful toaster, microwave, kettle or even a row of canisters on countertops can be a simple and effective color change without the high cost of total renovation.

  • Depending upon the size of your kitchen, one bold color for a stove or a wall can be enough, especially in small apartments and homes.
  • In larger spaces where several walls or many appliances are in plain sight, several colors can be mixed and matched to work for a new design scheme.
  • Assess your kitchen and decide where a bold color will work as well and if new appliances such as a stove or refrigerator will do the job.
  • In addition, adding bold colors to cabinetry may be as simple as painting doors and hardware.
  • If starting with a white-based kitchen, the options for bold color redecorating are endless. From repainting or changing countertops to a bright new color, to switching out all appliances and décor, mixing vivid color choices with a white or neutral base will provide dramatic results with fewer changes.
  • With white as a base, many colors will appear bolder, especially reds, brilliant blues and bright yellows. A little of these powerful colors will go a long way in refreshing kitchen décor.
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When deciding upon bold colors, it may be helpful to gather paint chips and place around areas of the kitchen, where you can view the paint color before placing it on the walls or cabinets. Living with even a hint of a color can give you a sense of how it might change your kitchen for better or worse.

  • When choosing a bright blue, red or green, determine whether flooring, countertops, cabinets and other permanent items will need revamping.
  • The same applies to large appliances too. Even changing a ceiling color and lighting fixtures can improve a kitchen. You can have some fun and paint the ceiling the shade of a prominent wall color and replace light fixtures with an contrasting color.
  • A kitchen is a creative environment and presenting bold colors can enhance inspiration. Even a door can have a bold color paint job with white or a pale shaded trim to add some energy to the kitchen. Painting exposed shelves or inside cabinets with a bold, bright color will also add a new dimension to your kitchen as well as show off dishes and cooking items.
  • Adding darker colors to recessed areas will increase the appearance of their depth.

When deciding on a palette of colors, sticking with three or fewer shades in the same color scheme, or contrasting, will present many options. Adding one or two opposing colors sparingly will break up the color motif and allow the bold and brightness to shine through. Also consider texture to break up color motifs, including wood and steel for trims, framing or accents. This can be as simple as white caulking in bright blue tile, or specialized faux finish painting techniques to replicate stone.

  • A primary color should be the focal bold color that all other décor and shades will start from. A primary color may be a motif for appliances such as red, blue, green or yellow and can be enhanced by a lighter or darker shade for wall paint.
  • In addition, motifs in one primary color can also enhance a kitchen through smaller décor. Try adding colorful glasses, dishes, linens and countertop items.
  • Additional items to enhance a new bold color look in a kitchen can be small accessory items including floor mats, dishtowels, window treatments and serving dishes. Having exposed shelving in a kitchen is another option to introduce more bold color motifs through bowls and other items regularly used in a kitchen for cooking and other activities.

When introducing a bold color scheme to a kitchen, choose a color that reflects your style and taste. It’s easier to work with items and appliances you want to keep than having to replace everything, especially if you are on a budget. Enjoy creating a kitchen that suits your style, such as using vintage items or modern appliances. The color motifs of favorite items or styles may be a starting point to creating a kitchen with exciting, bold color.

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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