How To Design & Decorate A Rustic Lodge Kitchen

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A getaway site such as a rustic lodge can offer interesting and enjoyable living opportunities especially within the kitchen. When considering a rustic retreat in a country, mountain or faraway locale, anything goes. From new to old or a mix of both, a rustic retreat is a place where solitude, quiet and relaxation are key. Contributing to the pleasures of a serene environment are the simplicity and quaintness within a rustic home.

A kitchen in a rustic lodge is usually a gathering spot for families, friends and visitors. In a lodge, it could be the largest room in the dwelling or a small but very practical space in a cabin. Chances are if you own or visit a rustic lodge for getaways, you will most likely be preparing many meals and utilizing the kitchen for all types of reasons. In a rustic kitchen, ideas for design and decorating can include a range of materials, items and furnishings made with wood, stone, iron, ceramic items or pottery.

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  • Wood cabinetry may include iron or forged iron hardware.
  • Cabinetry may have exposed shelving where there are no cabinet doors.
  • In this space, showing off pottery or handmade items can make a rustic kitchen into a gallery space.
  • In addition, metal dishware, often spectacled, is also a great display item.
  • Shelving should be used for easy to reach and often used kitchen items such as pitchers, bowls and platters.

rustic kitchen design

A rustic kitchen does not necessarily have to operate as old and outdated one because it's in a remote location. Comfort should always exist especially in a getaway locale.

  • If a dishwasher is absent, hand washing items, which is sometimes a better option for pottery any way, can include using a decorative dish rack for drying.
  • Dishtowels can also be decorative and interesting too.
  • Since cooking may be a daily function having appliances which offer creative and inventive meals such as waffle irons, iron skillets and large pots for chili or savory soups can add to the décor.
  • Hanging pots and pans from hooks or a suspended rack from the ceiling are also a rustic look and space saver in a kitchen.
  • If space is a premium or open without cabinets, baskets can be used in exposed areas for storage.
  • A rustic appeal is to display antique items as décor on walls and on shelves. These items can be old dishware, signs, wooden items and collectibles that could be historic or kitschy.
  • In addition, regional items are also great décor items as well as traditional ones, which might include roosters, old wooden boxes, trays and canisters.
  • Making use of canisters will provide storage especially from pests that might make their way into your rustic kitchen from the great outdoors.

If lacking in cabinetry and pantry space, consider adding an island to the kitchen. An island has a multitude of uses including more kitchen workspace, storage and a centerpiece to place snacks and food for people coming and going. Countertops and other surfaces in a rustic kitchen may be limited in space, which is another reason an island can prove useful.

  • For patterns and themes in a rustic kitchen, a traditional look may include gingham prints and colored check patterns.
  • Motifs with animals and forest scenics are also popular rustic looks.
  • Many items can be found in regional shops, which have a rustic appeal for kitchens.
  • Color schemes do not have to be limited to green and blues, which are popular in wooden lodges and cabins.
  • Adding rich reds and yellows to a rustic kitchen can brighten dark wooden interiors and wooden floors.
  • Large braided rugs are appealing additions to kitchen floors too.
  • Also, applying finishes to wood floors can give a longer life to a wooden kitchen floor as well as upgrade its appeal too.
  • Other accents to follow a rustic décor theme with gingham or country inspired prints can be used on kitchen windows and door treatments.
  • Fabrics for a rustic lodge kitchen can be simple plaids, stripes and solids.
  • Activities associated with rustic locales such as fishing, hiking mountains and boating rivers can all influence décor items within a kitchen in through wall hangings and window and door treatments.

Lighting for a rustic kitchen can be underneath cabinets and in overhead fixtures to keep things simple and useful. Rustic locations tend to be very dark at night, which means lights need to be easily reached and plentiful in a kitchen when the sun sets. During the day, natural light in a rustic kitchen is preferable because its part of the appeal to being in a remote location.

For kitchenware and appliances, rustic appeal is having an array of items that may not all match but rather give personality and unique style to a kitchen. These items are not only functional but are also decorative. Mixing and matching appliances and countertop essentials are acceptable when in a rustic kitchen lodge. In addition, sinks and other important kitchen items such as stoves and refrigerators do not have to match either. They can evoke a unique style too allowing any décor or decoration item to be added to the kitchen at any time. A rustic lodge kitchen should entice creativity and enjoyment.

Last Updated: January 11, 2013
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