How To Decorate Your Kitchen For Christmas

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Christmas decorations usually go up in the front of the house and in the living room or wherever the Christmas tree is, but another great room to decorate for the holiday is your kitchen. With all the Christmas baking and cooking, and the festive feel of the holidays, transforming your kitchen into a winter wonderland or Santa's toy factory can bring joy to your family in a new way.

And before you think this will add a lot of cost to your holiday season, you can often find items for not much money that add a lot of holiday cheer to your room. And in some design ideas, you may take items you have in excess and use them for your kitchen decorating.

It's known as the most wonderful time of the year for a reason so bring it into a room you spend a lot of time in preparing yummy treats and enjoying meals with some of the suggestions below.

Pick A Theme

Since there are so many different design ideas to go with for Christmas decorations, a good way to have some order to your decorating is to think of a theme for your kitchen. You can have a snowman theme or the North Pole theme or even a Winter Wonderland theme, the important thing is to find something that represents the holiday for you - and remember to include your kids and other members of your family in the selection as well.

When you go to buy items for the room you will have a uniform idea in mind so as to keep it better organized and avoid your kitchen seeming like a Christmas aisle at a design store. By getting a bunch of nutcrackers or snowmen or something in uniform you create a Christmas feel while at the same time keeping the design of it organized. Plus, you will be amazed how fun it is to go looking for items that will work in your themed room. And with Christmas decorations already on the shelves you will get into the spirit in a whole new way. You can get tons of items, everything from dishes to cups to candy trays and fun knobs for your cabinets.

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For your kitchen cabinets up high and even around the counter, and nice way to decorate is to get garland and white or colored lights and drape them over the top. You will create a simple and, depending on your light choice, elegant and/or fun holiday look in your kitchen. Never underestimate the power of the simplicity of the lights and garland, it creates a stunning look.

Everyone has dishtowels and pot-holders in the kitchen and a great way to add holiday cheer is to get them with a holiday design. If you have picked out a theme go with that, or else simply get them in Christmas colors you like or else with fun sayings on them. You will be surprised how much that little change brings the holidays to life for you and your family as you are cleaning up or cooking.


Nothing says Christmas like the delicious smells of the season. For a great way to give your kitchen that just baked holiday feel during the season without the cooking, put cinnamon and water in a pot boiling on the stove, or purchased cinnamon scented candles. Other good scents to try include gingerbread, pine and apple spice. It's a great way to keep that feel going without cooking. In addition to the great smell of candles, the flickering light they give off and the holiday colors you can chose in red, green, white, silver or gold will make your kitchen festive in a whole new way.

If you have a kitchen table, it would be nice to set up candles as a centerpiece on the table so you can eat by the candle light and have the fun Christmas colors in front of you and your family and friends as you eat.

Since it is the kitchen, be sure to have plenty of delicious and festive treats out on the counter, even if you didn't bake them yourself. A plate of gingerbread cookies, a platter of apple pie or a spread of snowman and Christmas tree sugar cookies add to the look and smell of your Christmas kitchen design.

With a few simple ideas you can transform your kitchen into a Winter Wonderland and bring that Christmas feel to life around you while you cook away.

Last Updated: October 31, 2011
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