What's Cookin'? 10 Key Kitchen Organizers

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The kitchen is a Mecca of household productivity. Cooking, cleaning and the occasional night dining in all take place in this appliance-heavy room, and as a result, there's no shortage of things to store. From food to utensils, cleaning supplies to pots and pans, there's an endless supply of, well, everything!

To shelve kitchen problems for good, the best solution is to re-do your shelving! Unfortunately, kitchen remodels are expensive, particularly so when cabinetry is involved. Lucky for you, there are hundreds of available shelving organizers on the market now, and there's no shortage on originality, function and practicality! Here are some of the highlights that we here at IdealHomeGarden.com have found:

  1. Chrome Under-Shelf Cup Holder by SpaceSavers ($10): Easily the biggest over-counter cabinet space-consumers are your cups, mugs and glasses. They're rarely stackable and just take up so much space. This rack hangs from a shelf within your cabinet and holds up to 10 handled cups and mugs. It's sleek, easy and convenient to boot.
  2. Zero Gravity Magnetic Spice Rack by Zevro ($42): This wall-mountable unit not only saves shelf space, but it also makes your kitchen spices much more accessible. The set comes with 12 magnetic canisters that can be placed on top or hung below the stainless steel shelf, or any other metallic surface in your kitchen! Forget that cheesy Lazy Susan in your cupboard; you'll never go back to the same old cabinet rummaging.
  3. Acrylic Cabinet Organizer by SpaceSavers ($10): You know that problem you have where all your cans are the same height, so you can't find what you're looking for when you need it? Well, SpaceSavers thought about that and made the simplest but most amazing product ever: the cabinet organizer. It's a three-level organizer that only elevates about an inch each step, perfect for reading the top of that label.
  4. Tray Dividers by Rev-A-Shelf ($9 to $14): These great organizer treats are cabinet friendly tray dividers, which make storing and organizing your baking sheets, serving dishes and cake pans that much easier. They clip into your cabinets and come in different heights for convenience. Never scratch your baking sheets by stacking them again!
  5. Do-It-Yourself Cabinet Pull-Outs by Rollingshelves ($11 to $60): For once, we're going to recommend something seen on TV. These money-savers are perfect for making your own shelves without sacrificing storage space. The drawers make it easier to store and access your pots and pans, and they can hold up to 10 pounds each! They can be fitted to any cabinet size, and they slide easily in and out.
  6. Over-Cabinet Door Shelf by SpaceSavers ($13): Easily hangable over any cabinet door, this wired storage shelf is perfect for those extra sponges, detergent bottles and soap. By storing them inside your cabinet door, you save valuable cabinet shelf space, as well as counter space next to the sink. You also save yourself having to bend over to get them.
  7. Double Helper Shelf by SpaceSavers ($10): Avoid wasted shelf space with this simple shelving unit. Rather than dangerously stacking mis-matched plates and bowls in the cabinet, utilize the width and different levels of this cabinet shelf, and you'll make storage easier and safer, too. It's coated with plastic, so it's durable and won't scratch your cabinets, either.
  8. Double-Shelf Wall Mount Pot Rack by Range Kleen ($110): Pots don't always store well, and it can be difficult to access the one you need. With this ceiling-suspended shelving unit, you can hang pots, pans, utensils and other kitchen necessities overhead for easy access and a gourmet kitchen look. As a bonus, it also saves wall space, making the splurge well worth it.
  9. Chrome Hanging Three-Tier Baskets by RSVP ($15): Need extra storage space? Look no further than the hanging tier basket that is perfect for fruits, veggies and any other hard-to-store kitchen necessities. If you can't find a great hanging spot in your kitchen, then you could even use this is a towel holder in your bathroom! The possibilities are endless.
  10. Chrome Stemware Rack by SpaceSavers ($7): To keep your nice stemware glasses away from the treacherous depths of your kitchen cabinets, use this under-cabinet rack that is easy to install and holds a few of your favorite glasses easily.

With your kitchen, it should be about ease, accessibility and, of course, style. To get the most out of your busy cookhouse, check out these great products. With you in mind, they have come bearing the gift of convenience and organization. So thank the lords of shelving, because your prayers have been answered!

Last Updated: January 20, 2012
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