Unique Backsplash Ideas For Kitchen Remodeling

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Remodeling your kitchen can be expensive and time consuming, often leaving homeowners with similar interiors and a drained budget. Try some of these ideas for creating a unique backsplash on any budget, and give your kitchen a one of a kind look for less.

Stainless Steel

You already know stainless steel appliances can create a high style, streamlined kitchen, but there’s no need to stop at the dishwasher and oven. Use stainless steel to create an easy to clean, beautiful to look at backsplash for your kitchen walls. Select either a single sheet of stainless steel to coat the area behind your stove and above your counters, or smaller stainless steel tiles for a mosaic look. Because stainless steel is easy to maintain and resists bacteria, this is a great choice for serious cooks.

Solid Glass

While glass tiles have been a popular choice for kitchen backsplashes for years, there’s another way to use glass for this remodeling project. Companies like www.glasskoteusa.com offer backsplashes made of solid sheets of glass. Select from 1,000s of color choices to create an incredibly unique, grout-free, heat resistant, bacteria resistant kitchen backsplash. Easily wipe away stains and spills from the glass surface, cutting down on your kitchen cleaning time.

Sea Shells

If you live near the beach, or simply wish you did, incorporate your love of the sea into your kitchen backsplash. For a lower cost, DIY backsplash inspired by the beach, collect shells and even starfish to use in your design. While it may take a while to gather enough, you can save hundreds on the cost of purchasing backsplash materials. Once you’ve gathered enough shells to cover the wall behind your stove, or every wall along your kitchen counters, simply install the shells as you would classic tiles.

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Aluminum tiles offer another metallic option for kitchen backsplash design, and are easy enough to install yourself. Select either smooth or embossed aluminum tiles, depending on your kitchen style. For sleek, modern kitchens, place smooth aluminum tiles behind the stove, and continue along the wall above your countertops for a uniform, sophisticated look. Try embossed aluminum tiles, similar to tin ceiling designs, in traditional or modern designs for a more ornate look. Companies like dalokitchenaccessories.com offer aluminum tiles you can install yourself, which come in a variety of styles.


For a sophisticated wooden backsplash, you can easily install beadboard yourself. Great for Cape Cod, cottage and traditionally styled homes, as well as kitchens with classic design, beadboard can easily be put in place without a professional installation, and is frequently placed directly over existing tile. This thin, textured board instantly adds depth and contrast to your kitchen backsplash, and is easily wiped clean. Because this project is DIY, requires few materials and doesn’t use expensive tiles or stone, you can create a beadboard backsplash under $200.

Glass Blocks

Try this remodeling idea for instant natural light, and a beautiful backsplash. Thick glass blocks provide the perfect remedy to a dark, bland kitchen, acting as both a unique backsplash material and a window. Because the glass is not completely smooth, the blocks still provide privacy, not allowing anyone outside to see into your home, though allowing light to enter and brighten the room. You also won’t have to remove existing cabinets to install glass blocks like you would if installing a full sized window. The glass will easily wipe clean, resist bacteria, and give your kitchen a distinctive look.

Glass Stones

For an inexpensive, unique and DIY backsplash design, use decorative glass stones from your local craft or home improvement store. Select stones in a color or colors that compliment your existing kitchen design theme, and decide whether or not you would like a patterned, random mix or solid color backsplash.


For a cozy, traditional look above your stove and around your kitchen, try using brick. Arranging classic brick in a column above your stove will give this area of the kitchen a warm, hearth look, great for cottage and country style homes. Leave the brick its original color, or paint it to match other décor in the kitchen.


For a movable, easily switched out backsplash option, simply purchase a large mirror to hang above your stove. Find one with a frame that matches your kitchen décor, or create one yourself. Be sure the mirror is hung just high enough to avoid catching heat from the stove.

Faux Metal

For a far less expensive option than metal backsplashes, try faux metal. Available in several options including steel, chrome, brass and copper, these backsplashes come in sheets on a roll rather than tiles. Select from smooth or embossed in a variety of patterns to match any home style, and recreate the high-end look of metal décor without the high price tag. For photos and more information, visit www.armstrong.com

Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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