How To Design A Hollywood Movie Living Room Theme

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Combine drama, art deco, and sleekness and you are already on your way to a cinema inspired living room. With movies having a huge impact on our lives, both in design and entertainment, more people are looking to the cinema for their home decor inspiration. Your living room can easily be transformed into a cine-file lover’s living room by picking certain furniture pieces and accessories that give a nod to the movies.

  • If you have particular films or film eras you love, you can and should incorporate them into your room. The golden age of the 40s is most notably used to create cinema inspired home style.
  • To get a cinema theme for your living room, color, style and accessories are key, but if you can't go out and buy big furniture items that can be quite costly, you can paint and glam up items you already own.
  • Also try searching for items at flea markets and thrift shops that have cinema style. You can refurbish them and customize accents to fit your Hollywood theme.
  • Cost should not get in the way of making your living room become a cinema style dream room. Tailor the pieces your buy or refurbish to match your budget. For lower budgets, make fewer, more dramatic changes. For larger budgets, purchase many items with subtle cinema style.


Your home’s living room can incorporate cinema style with a few key items that scream a love of movies. One of the first ways to decorate this room is with the use of wall art, and the first thing that comes to mind is movie posters. This is especially fun if you have some films in particular that you love. But before you think it will seem too bachelor pad or fraternity-like for your family living room, consider that not only are there many types of movie posters for iconic films, but also that the way you frame your poster can enhance your cinema inspired room to appear more like a refined art display than a college dorm.

  • With matting and frames that complement your cinema styled room, you will have a piece of art, or several, that add to your living space in content and design.
  • It's not only posters you can pick from, but also still photographs from movie sets, or black and white pictures of Hollywood, or images of movie stars.
  • Art can also mean pictures of the famous Hollywood sign as it is now, or Hollywoodland, as the sign originally read. In the end, you can and should find some great pieces that you enjoy looking at and that make you think movies, movies, movies!
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Window Treatments

Window treatments can really bring that 30s, 40s and 50s era to life. Thick drapes made of heavy fabrics like velvet or heavy wool, that hang from ceiling to the floor, either in dark, dramatic colors or white, can work very nicely in a cinema inspired living room, and replicate the appearance of a movie theater’s iconic curtains. With tassels to tie them back in a contrasting color, you can bring movie drama to life in your home.

  • Adding tassels to your existing curtains is a cheap way to incorporate theater style without having to purchase entirely new window treatments.


Cinema means drama and picking the right colors for your room’s walls and furnishing will create the feel of the cinema, and it’s drama, so it's important you select colors that go with the style. Don't think that drama means depressing or sad; in the case of interior design, it just means creating a striking room with bold color and decorating choices.

Usually cinema style means contrast, so it's good to go with one color scheme. For example, start with creams, beiges and silver, and add black accents, or golds and yellows with red accent colors. Simple yet striking contrast is key.

  • For a final pop of contrast, try adding trim around the border of the room that resembles a strip of film.


Think art deco, like the items found in a sweeping Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers movie, and you will be on the right track with the large items for your room. Go all out when you have a cinema styled living room, which can mean the elegance of a tuffeted couch, chaise lounge, and accent chairs. Accent chairs with sleek lines, or even ornate detailing like a Louis the fourteenth styled chair would be well suited to this room. Again, just make sure you stay with your color scheme.

If you like mirrored furniture pieces, which really reflect the cinema style, grab some mirrored end tables, or a buffet, which you can find at The shine, glamour and decadence in pieces like this are iconic for cinema flair.

  • To create your own mirrored furniture, simply purchase small mirror panels from a home improvement store, home décor store, or an online retailer, and hot glue them to your existing furniture.

Thrift shops are a great place to find furniture pieces for a very low price, and you can easily paint and accessorize a chair, table or lamp to fit your budget and your style. You can even jewel up your end tables with some crystals to give it shine and sparkle, or make your coffee table glimmer by painting it a color with some sparkle in it.

Bringing cinema style to your living room can be done to create glamour and elegance, and/or reflect your love of a life behind the camera, it’s all up to you. With an eye towards choosing a color scheme and key accessories that bring to life your favorite movie props, your living room can easily be made over.

Last Updated: December 27, 2011
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