Elegant Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Living Room

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If you enjoy decorating your home with modern elegance, continue the theme with this season's Christmas décor. Trade in the traditional plaid and poinsettias for beautiful and elegant, alternative decoration ideas.


Elegant Christmas décor is often slightly less colorful than other style options, and can utilize metallics and shimmer over vibrant colors. Decide how you would like to style your elegant Christmas living room display based on your home and personal style. Some color combinations for elegant Christmas themes include:

  • Mainly white with red accents
  • Mainly white with green accents
  • Mainly white with blue accents
  • Gold, silver and white
  • Silver, white and green


The materials you select for your elegant Christmas design have a huge impact on completing this style theme. Look for luxurious materials that feel as great as they look.

  • For blankets and pillows on living room couches, select faux fur, satin, velvet and other smooth, shimmering fabrics in white, silver, gold, red or green Christmas colors.
  • Attach costume brooches to pillows for a glamorous look.
  • Use large area rugs in soft, comfortable fabrics. Avoid rough, unkempt fabrics and materials.
  • For accents around the living room, use satin ribbons, sparkling glitter, light reflecting metallics and altered natural materials (painted branches, glittered fruit, etc.)
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Even traditional Christmas string lights can be used and designed in a way that fits beautifully into the elegant Christmas theme. Use white when possible, and remember to keep candles and other fixtures sleek and modern.

  • Line silver, gold or white pillar candleholders in varying heights along the coffee table, side tables and shelves throughout the living room. Top with white pillar candles (or whoever accent color you have selected).
  • Purchase a string of white Christmas lights on a white wire. Place a large, clear vase next to the outlet the lights are plugged into, then fill the vase with the string of lights (neatly stacked, or abstractly placed inside). The vase will softly glow with the light of the small lights, creating a unique and modern light fixture perfect for Christmas.
  • If you plan to use Christmas lights in your windows, always use a string of white lights on white wire. Try wrapping a sheer white curtain around the lights for a soft glow around the window, and a great way to hide the wire.
  • Candelabras are a beautiful addition anytime of the year, and can easily be used in the living room at Christmas. Place one or several along your mantel, or on side tables.
  • Fill hurricane candleholders with white glitter, then place a white, red or green candle inside.
  • Fill a large, decorative bowl with ornaments in silver, white and one accent color. Pour water into the bowl, until the water line comes within two inches of the top of the bowl. Place floating candles in the bowl, on top of the ornaments.
  • Fill a hurricane candleholder with loose faux pearls from a craft store, and set a metallic, red or green candle inside.


Adding decorations in specific materials and colors is the best way to complete your elegant Christmas theme. Indulge in a love of all things that glitter, and use metallics wherever possible.

  • Tie large, satin ribbons around white, green or red pillows to make them appear like presents.
  • Gather branches from your yard, and spray paint them white. If you'd like, spray on clear adhesive, then sprinkle with white or silver glitter once the paint has dried. Place the finished branches in a vase, and decorate with small white, silver, gold, red and green ornaments.
  • Tie large satin bows in the corners of windows, around vases and above doorways.
  • To instantly transform ordinary Christmas decorations into unique and elegant pieces, simply spray paint them silver, white or gold. This works well with wreaths, pine garlands, branch garlands, decorative collectible pieces, branches, photo frames, candleholders, Christmas ornaments, tree toppers and decorative fruit.
  • Make your own glitter ornaments and fruit to display in bowls and vases.
  • If you have wrapped presents under the Christmas tree in your living room, use metallic wrapping paper with red, green, silver or gold bows and ribbons. The appearance of the presents will add to the overall living room design theme.
  • Use ribbons in place of garlands, and drape above windows, doorways, and even your mantel. Do not use ribbons with patterns or images.
  • Purchase strands of faux pearls from a craft store, and wrap around white string lights and sheer white curtains.
  • If you live near the ocean and would like to include elegant sea-themed décor, try painting starfish and seashells white, gold or silver. Add glitter with clear spray adhesive if desired.
  • Display candy, decorations and other décor on mirrored trays and dishes.
  • Glue together clear Christmas ornaments to form the shape of a Christmas tree or abstract design, and use as a coffee table centerpiece.
Last Updated: December 19, 2011
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