American Farmhouse Decorating Ideas For The Living Room

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American farm style decorating, with its easygoing charm, is just right if you'd like a relaxed living room that reflects our rural history. This popular style of country decorating creates an informal, welcoming atmosphere by incorporating natural materials and lighting as well as rustic elements and themes.

Farm Style Living Room Colors

Early American rural homes were filled with natural pigments and colors inspired by the surrounding landscape. A basic color palette for American farm decorating includes:

  • Barn-red
  • Soft yellow
  • Dark green
  • Gray
  • Buttermilk
  • Rust
  • Straw

Patriotic red, white and blue are also perfect compliments for American farm style living rooms.

American Farmhouse Motifs & Fabrics

Natural fabrics and classic American motifs are featured in any American Farm style living room design. Cotton, linen and wool are all good choices to bring that comfortable, homey look to your upholstery, accent pillows and throws. For some extra charm and warmth, try a patchwork quilt as a throw or to cover a chair completely.

To lend authenticity to your American farm décor, look for traditional American motifs for fabric prints and artwork such as:

  • American flags: Display an antique cloth flag or a framed country flag painting. Flag design components such as stars or stripes are also popular American country motifs.
  • Farm animals: Find some folk-art paintings of chickens, cows, horses, cats or pigs.
  • Farm tools: Mount antique farm implements on your wall or arrange them in a corner of the room. Shovels or pitchforks can even act at curtain rods.
  • Landscapes: Hang a folk-art painting of a rural landscape above your fireplace mantel. Frame the painting with a four-pane window frame to mimic the look of a country view through the window.
  • Portraits: Family portraits are an American farm tradition.
american farmhouse style ideal home garden american farmhouse style ideal home garden

Farmhouse Living Room Furniture Ideas

Clean lines and natural woods are characteristic of American farm design. To achieve this look for your living room, look for seating, end tables, coffee tables and other furniture that have:

  • Clean lines such as Shaker-inspired or primitive pieces with a rustic look
  • Natural or painted wood in American Farm colors.

Curved pieces with scalloped aprons, turned legs and spindles are also appropriate for this decorating style, however heavy detailed carving should be avoided. Furniture should be sturdy and well made, though look like it could have been made by a farmhand.

American Farm Style Flooring Options

Traditional, rustic floors are the foundation for American country living rooms. Here are some flooring choices that compliment this design style:

  • Wood: Dark or light stains both work well, as long as you avoid sleek glossy finishes. Reclaimed or distressed wood is especially suited to farm style decorating.
  • Stone: An earthy, rough stone floor makes the room feel like part of a historic farm.
  • Brick: Choose subtle earth tones and avoid bright colors or shiny finishes.
  • Rugs: Warm, cozy area rugs are nice touches. Try sisal, braided, rag, jute or sea grass rugs to warm up your hard floors. Avoid modern wall-to-wall carpeting.

American Farm Style Window Treatment Ideas

For an informal country atmosphere, keep your living room window treatments simple. Stick with natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool, for café curtains or roman shades. If you prefer non-fabric window treatments, consider clean lined, wooden shutters or shades made from wood slats, bamboo or reeds.

American Farm Style Wall & Ceiling Décor

As with floors, non-shiny, flat surfaces are best. These options work well for country living room ceilings:

  • Plaster
  • Flat paint
  • Plank or timber wood beams.

To achieve an American country look for your walls, try:

  • Neutral flat paint walls with wine-red or blue trim
  • Walls and trim in soft white or cream flat paint
  • Ceramic tile accents in checkerboard patterns.

American Farm Style Living Room Accessories & Accents

Little extras add a warm finishing touch to your living room. Here are some accessories and decorative accents that are perfect for American farm style:

  • Woven baskets: fill them with fruit, flowers or country collectibles.
  • Handmade quilts: In addition to making great throws, quilts look beautiful hung on walls or draped over shelves and mantles.
  • Boxes: Rustic wooden crates and boxes work as accent tables or accessories.
  • Barn stars: Create your own wall art with metal barn stars in various sizes and colors.
  • Country candles: Bring a soft glow to your coffee table, mantle or shelves.
  • Folk art: Try adding some primitive style paintings, crafts or sculptures.
  • Vintage clocks: Display an antique American grandfather clock in a corner, or a small antique wind up clock on the mantle.
  • Elements of nature: Wreaths and garlands made from twigs, berries, leaves and flowers enhance a country living room's rustic feel.
  • Wrought iron: Hang a wrought iron chandelier in the center of the ceiling, or display some antique wrought-iron candleholders.
  • Country scents: Use candles, essential oil or potpourri to fill your living room with natural country scents such as cinnamon, apples, evergreens or flowers.

As you fill your American country living room with warmth, charm and history, you'll create a very special, comfortable and friendly space for entertaining or quiet family time.

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Last Updated: March 27, 2012
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