How To Decorate The Living Room For Fall

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As your family gathers around your living room fireplace during the first chilly nights of autumn, create a beautiful fall design theme to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Use warm colors, scented candles and the signature icons of autumn to create inviting decor in your living room.

Fireplace Mantel

Often the focal point of most living rooms, the mantel is the best place to start when decorating for any holiday or season. Try some of these autumn design tips to transform a plain fireplace mantel into the perfect picture of autumn.

  • Leaf garlands are an easy, one-step way to add instant fall colors and shapes to your mantel. Found at most craft stores and home improvement stores, select leaf garlands with gold, red, brown and orange leaves resembling their seasonal change in color. For a subtle touch, select a garland with one leaf every inch or so down the garland, or choose a thicker, fuller style for a bold addition of color and aesthetic appeal.
  • To highlight garlands or simply the mantel itself, drape a string of small, white string lights over the mantel, or wrapped around a fall leaf garland. The soft white light will cast a warm glow over your living room, and add sparkle to your other autumn decor pieces.
  • Hang a fall wreath above your mantel for a beautiful pop of color that is just as easy to remove as it is to set up.
  • Set small pumpkins or squash in a line across your mantel, or use one on each end to create symmetry.
  • Fill hurricane candle holders with acorns, candy corn, leaves or small pumpkins. Place a candle on top, or simply leave these beautiful fall fillers to be viewed on their own.
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Table Decor

Adding small accents to your coffee table and side tables is a great way to incorporate the fall theme into your entire living room.

  • Place small to medium sized pumpkins on side tables, and one slightly larger pumpkin on your main coffee table.
  • Use loose craft leaves or real leaves to surround pumpkins, or wrap a leaf garland around them for a more structured look.
  • Set out decorative bowls or acorns purely to be viewed, or candy corn to be eaten.
  • Replace your regular flower vases with gold, bronze, orange or brown vases to add more warmth to the living room.
  • Try to stick with natural materials for table decor , as they fit the autumn theme best.

Upholstery And Linens

Adding color and texture to your couches and chairs is another great way to introduce the autumn design theme into your living room.

  • Purchase brown, yellow, orange and green throw pillows to spread across your couches and chairs.
  • Try adding several metallic pillows in autumn tones like bronze and gold for extra shine and dimension.
  • Drape throw blankets in fall colors across the back of your couches, or along one arm of living room chairs.


Candles are a great way to add the sight and smell of fall into your living room. Select specific colors and smells to bring the beauty of autumn inside.

  • Scented candles help set the mood in any room, and are an easy way to invoke the feeling of fall. Try pumpkin, spice, vanilla and brand specific autumn scented candles to transform your living room into an autumn oasis.
  • Pick candles in season appropriate shades like tan, orange, golden yellow, brown and beige. Some candles can even be made in metallic shades like gold or bronze.
  • Use pillar candleholders in autumn colors like brown and tan to add to the candle's visual appeal. Look for candleholders in natural colors materials like wood and stone to stick to autumn's key theme of nature.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers aren't just for spring and summer, and can be another fun way to add color and even scent to your living room. Simple additions quickly transform floral arrangements into perfect autumn accessories.

  • Use warm colored fall flowers in yellow, orange and deep red.
  • Set flowers in autumn colored vases.
  • Wrap twine or warm colored ribbons around the vase to add extra detailing. Glue acorns or a fall flower in the center of the ribbon.
  • For a minimalist fall arrangement, try placing twigs in a vase in place of flowers. Gather the twigs from your yard, or purchase some from a craft store. The twigs can be bundled with a ribbon for structure, or left to sit naturally in the vase.

Creating a fall theme in your living room is easy. Use browns, gold, yellows and oranges to bring color and warmth to your furniture, flowers and mantel. Use small white string light and candles to create soft light, mimicking the autumn evenings and pick specific scents to set the mood.

Last Updated: September 1, 2011
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