Feng Shui Living Rooms: A Design Guide

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Sometimes it feels like your whole life is too structured. Even more often, it feels like your life isn't structured enough. An easy way to solve this problem is with a little reorganization. Start with the center of your home, the living room. Whether you're going for professional or casual, formal or fun, here are some unique and easy arrangement ideas to get you going.

Formal Feng Shui Living Rooms

To get a formal living room environment, designers recommend plenty of seating and rich details. The focus is always on entertaining others, not on everyday tasks, so plan accordingly. First, square off your floor plan. Put all your furniture at right angles, and leave plenty of space between the pieces. This gives the feeling of a grander space than you may actually have. Try using a rug as your centerpiece and your guideline. Place furniture square with the edges of each side of the rug, and place a table centered between then. The rug defines the seating zone, so choose a non-fussy material that provides a welcoming feel.

feng shui living rooms ideal home garden

Another tip is to place your items in multiples. This adds a sense of structure and organization, so give each piece a partner, either in detail or in structure. For example, buy two formal lounge chairs and place them side by side. Get pillows that match your couch in color and texture. This added structure really brings the room together, and will probably end up making you feel more comfortable when you spend time in your living room. Another key is sophisticated colors and textures. Neutral tones like lavender or beige are great choices, while velvety textures and silk accoutrements provide a lush feel.

feng shui living rooms ideal home garden 

Traditional Feng Shui Living Rooms

Feng shui in its most traditional form is perfect for making people feel welcome. It offers a relaxed feel and a secure environment. To start, place your furniture in a tight circular arrangement. A close gathering space with a round ottoman, for example, encourages conversation and gives a smooth path from one part of the room to the other. This is because there are no sharp table edges or corners to get caught on or hurt yourself with. The mentality alone opens the floor up to relaxation and communication.

For the traditional oriental look of feng shui, add hints of red throughout the room. It's a livening color, so it's great for making your space more social. Don't use too much, though, or you risk making the room too distracting and throwing off the energy balance. To move energy around the room better, add mirrors, which bounce light. The real sunlight moving around your room will keep things energized but still natural.

For the most honest results, choose objects for your room that express who you are as a person. Personal childhood drawings and books are great conversation starters and bring a sense of home and comfort to the living room. To complement the stories of your life, add real living things, like plants or freshly cut flowers. This also helps to keep energy levels at their peak.

Family Oriented Feng Shui Living Rooms

For the most basic optimization of your space, make it a family arena. To do this, your floor should be as comfortable as your furniture is, encouraging lounging, relaxation, and still some fun. Cheerful pieces with eclectic vibes are great, such as unique patterns or textiles, convey creativity. Bright colors like aqua and tangerine add to this effect, as well.

Open layouts are best for family living spaces, so instead of lots of seating, there should be things like task tables or special areas for recreation. It's OK to splash actual art supplies around your room, or any other common family activity centerpieces, such as board games or family-favorite reading materials. Choose pieces for the space that serve more than one purpose, such as an upholstered bench with storage, or center ottomans that work well for storage and games.

Always mix patterns and color in a family living space. Choose an elaborate rug design witha softer tone, but throw large and bright printed pillows onto the nearby couch. With small touches of lavender, orange, royal blue and more, you can add a simple yet vibrant energy to the room. This is another good time to use family pieces, such as school project paintings and projects. Frame them in a modern chrome picture frame to get the best of both worlds.

In the end, arranging your living space is all about function and formality. Feel free to experiment and try new things. No matter what you choose, it's your home, so never be afraid to change it!

Last Updated: January 10, 2013
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