Elegant Christmas Decorations For The Fireplace Mantel

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If your home is decorated with beautiful metallics, minimalist designs and an eye for elegant décor, the Christmas season need not be an exception. Use these traditional and elegant design concepts to create beautiful Christmas décor that blends exquisitely with your existing home style.


Garlands are traditionally used to decorate the fireplace mantel, and can easily be adapted to fit an elegant Christmas theme. Try some of these chic ideas to create a beautiful and unique Christmas garland for your mantel:

elegant christmas decorations for the fireplace mantel

  • Purchase a plain, green garland from a craft store. Spray paint it white, then lightly sprinkle silver or white glitter over it.
  • Wrap a white painted garland with white string lights on a white wire.
  • Skip the traditional green pine garland all together, and use a thin strand of silver beads alone, or wrapped around a white, green or red ribbon. Drape from one end of the fireplace to the other, just like a traditional garland.
  • String a strand of white "icicle" lights across your mantel in place of a traditional garland. Just be sure the lights do not hang too close to the fire.

  • String a white or red ribbon across your mantel. Tie boughs of pine branches with a small, matching ribbon, and hang from the first ribbon. Dust the boughs with glitter, or attach costume jewelry brooches for added sparkle.
  • Drape a sheer white, red or green curtain across your mantel, like a traditional garland. Hang a string of white lights on a white string underneath a white or red curtain, or a green string underneath a green curtain for a soft, subtle glow to shine through.
  • If you would like to hang ornaments from a pine garland, stick to white, silver or gold.
  • Affix large white, silver or gold bows to both ends of your mantle. Do not hang a large bow in the middle, as it can easily become too hot and potentially catch on fire.

elegant christmas decorations for the fireplace mantel


Candles are an important addition to elegant Christmas décor. Use them to line your mantel, or accentuate the corners. Try some of these gorgeous candle ideas to create your own elegant mantel candle display:

  • To create your own, unique and elegant candle holders, paint a clear votive with craft paint. Roll the candle holder in white or silver glitter, or Epsom salt. Allow the candle holder to dry, then insert and light a candle. The glitter or salt will appear like ice, warmly glowing from the candle inside.
  • Glue elegant costume jewelry brooches to clear, white or black candle holders you already own to add a touch of glamour.
  • Spray paint candle pillars white, silver or gold, and set on one or both ends of your mantel. Top with a white or metallic candle.
  • Partially fill clear candle holders with Epsom salt or white glitter. Set a candle inside to create a "snow filled" candle display. Sprinkle in cranberries for a pop of red.
  • If you do not use your fireplace, fill it with a collection of pillar candles in varying heights. Use at least six candles to create a beautiful display, elegantly replacing a traditional log fire.

elegant christmas decorations for the fireplace mantel


Top off your garland draped mantel with a few key pieces of décor, keeping with the modern and elegant Christmas theme.

  • Hang white, blue, silver or red stockings from your mantel, and add costume jewelry brooches for an unexpectedly elegant touch.
  • Fill a clear vase or hurricane candle holder with branches and twigs. Paint the branches white, and add cranberries for a touch of color.
  • Fill a clear dish, bowl or vase with metallic Christmas ornaments, and place on one end of the mantel.
  • Some craft and home décor stores sell branches with small LED lights at the tips. Fill a vase with these branches, and place at one end of the fireplace mantel.
  • Hang a photo or painting above your mantel of a wintery white landscape. This particularly accentuates "snow filled" candle displays and white painted branches set on the mantel below.
  • Fill a bowl or vase with silver, white or blue glittered fruit or ornaments.
  • Paint traditional Christmas decorations white for an updated, modern look. Reindeer and miniature pine trees are chic decoration pieces to use on one or both ends of the mantel.


Turn traditional Christmas wreaths into beautiful modern designs with these simple ideas:

  • Purchase a twig or branch wreath from a craft store. Spray paint it white, and add metallic bows, silver bells or ornaments.
  • Wrap white string lights on a green string around a plain green wreath. Attach a metallic or red bow to the bottom.
  • Spray paint poinsettia flowers and pinecones white, silver or gold and affix to a plain wreath.
Last Updated: December 12, 2012
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