Safari Style Living Room Design

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Creating a safari themed living room will add a sense of adventure to your home. You don’t have to travel to Elvis Presley’s Jungle Room in Graceland or leave the country to be inspired, you can find all the safari inspired exotic accessories and styles you need online, in antique stores and at many home décor stores. In addition, creating a safari themed living room will present many conversation starters because so many safari inspired ideas tend to have a story behind them.

Safari Fabrics, Furniture & Colors

  • When deciding upon safari ideas for your living room, consider the design and décor of the space.
  • Textures, patterns and safari styles are endless. One or all living room walls can have textures of woven natural materials and grasses as wall treatments.
  • Using a range of light browns, mochas, sands and beige colors on walls and floors can present an airy feeling with a safari feel.
  • Adding green, soft yellows and muddy reds are also safari colors that can be added to the living room through plants, furniture, rugs and window treatments.
  • A safari themed living room can also feature wood furniture and accessories as well as canvas type fabrics for coverings. Rugs or carpet can feature animal prints as well as throw pillows and wall décor. A safari inspired living room can also take a pattern such as a zebra or cheetah print to use as the theme for the entire room for furniture, décor and wall and window treatments.
  • Your safari living room can also include jungle ideas with a mix of earthy tones including deep browns, greens, oranges, golds and yellows.
  • Accessories such as tribal masks or hunting objects can add a distinct tone to the living room especially if natural woods are used for tables, furniture and shelving. Other objects to accessorize a living room to create a safari or jungle ambiance are pottery pieces, drums and handcrafted wooden bowls as well as other interesting objects made of wood or pottery.
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If animal prints are a desire for your safari inspired living room, allow a print to be a focal point of the room. Faux skin rugs such as zebra, cheetah or leopard can be stunning on wood floors and on walls. In addition, upholstery for a couch or a chair in animal print can be a striking addition to the living room as well. Animal prints are a great deal of fun for décor and decorating, but if overdone can be too much and unappealing. An animal print accessory such as a pillow, blanket or covered stool are simple items for additional animal print décor that will not be overwhelming.

Safari Plants

Other ideas for décor for a safari living room are to use plants and exotic flowers to decorate.

  • Large leafy green plants add a new dimension to a room providing good air quality.
  • Exotic flowers such as orchids can also provide for a healthy atmosphere as well as provide a beautiful accent to a room. Orchids have a wide range of colors and sizes and when presented with green leafy plants, orchids will stand out as an attraction in your living room.
  • Plants can have a variety of bowl and pot ideas, which will also add to your living room theme in color and texture. How a plant is presented can make a difference in the décor of your living room.
  • When choosing plants and long-lasting flowering plants, make sure your living room is sustainable for air and sunlight depending upon the plants or flowers your choose. In addition, make sure your schedule and lifestyle allows for regular maintenance of plants and flowers.

Safari Living Room Decor & Art

Other decorating ideas for a safari living room can be choosing art.

  • African, tribal or jungle art can liven up any room especially a living room.
  • Investing in one primary piece of art can create a very sophisticated atmosphere for a living room.
  • In addition, adding several pieces of art to a living room can also be just as sophisticated and inspire a great deal of conversation.
  • If a living room is a popular spot in your home, expensive art may not be wise. However, art can be used as decorative items for a safari living room theme.
  • Other decorative items for a safari appeal are wooden pieces and beaded items, which can be found in many stores including antique stores and home décor stores or online.
  • Authentic crafts can be found online as well as in galleries and museums. Some of the best shopping can be found in museum stores where crafts and art pieces are reproduced at an affordable rate.
  • Safari inspired framed posters and photographs, coffee table books and different types of art can also adorn your living room, which will add authenticity to the feel and look of your safari living room.
Last Updated: April 11, 2013
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