Spooky Halloween Decoration Ideas For The Living Room

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If you prefer a gloomy, gothic Halloween, try some of these chilling, living room Halloween decoration ideas. From black crows to dripping candles, frighten and delight houseguests and even your very own family with these simple and inexpensive decoration ideas for a truly eerie living room.

Fireplace Mantel

  • Drape your fireplace mantel with synthetic cobwebs, being careful to not let it hang over the edges to avoid the risk of fire. For an even further aged look, spray paint the cobwebs grey.
  • Use old mirrors or distress new ones with dirt and place behind candles to cast an eerie glow over your living room.
  • Purchase fake black birds from a craft store to evoke the chilling theme of Alfred Hitchcock's classic poem "The Raven".
  • Wrap weathered cheesecloth around candlesticks or other mantel decor to instantly create mummified decorations.
  • Place fake spiders along the top and sides of the mantel.
  • Purchase a skull from a craft store, and leave white, or paint black for a final, macabre touch.


  • Paint candlestick holders black, and fill with black or red candles.
  • Purchase two candles in black, red or white, and allow to burn for several minutes. Pour the liquid wax from one candle onto the edges of another, to immediately create the effect of an antique, drip-covered candle.
  • For a gory effect, drip red wax onto white candles for the frightening appearance of blood.
  • Place small tea lights or votives inside of skulls and set on the coffee table, side table or fireplace mantel.
  • Check thrift stores and antique stores for inexpensive candelabras. These multi-branched candleholders instantly add a thoroughly spooky feel to a Halloween themed room, but can easily transfer to year round use.
  • In colored candles, etch spider webs into their sides with a safety pin.


  • Solid black pillows on your couch or chairs are an easy way to spook up a living room without purchasing items you can't use the rest of the year. Keep your black pillows after Halloween for a modern, clean living room style.
  • Search for distressed pillows in lace and other antique fabric in thrift stores for a cheap solution to Halloween couch décor. The old, worn fabric will give your living room the appearance of a haunted house, all without spending much.
  • Deep red pillows, whether on their own or mixed with black, evoke images of blood and are a great way to spice up otherwise colorless, spooky Halloween decorations.

spooky halloween decoration ideas living room


  • Black pumpkins are easily painted, and don't even need to be carved for a creepy addition to your living room. If you do carve them, place a small tea light inside for a subtle, haunting glow.
  • Place a carved pumpkin on your mantel, or anywhere in your living room it can sit against a wall or mirror. Carve a happy face into the front of the pumpkin, and a frightened, angry or scary face into the back. Set the pumpkin down with the happy face pointing forward, and light a candle inside. The spooky face on the back will either creepily reflect in the mirror behind it, or be shown in the shadow cast against the wall.
  • For ghostly pumpkins, carve with frightened or frightening faces, then paint white. Use black paint to line the inner edges of the carvings, to create an ominous frame around their features. Small and inexpensive strobe lights designed for pumpkins can be placed inside for a ghoulish light trick inside the white jack-o-lantern.


  • Purchase black roses from a craft store for a haunting Halloween floral arrangement. Place on the mantel, coffee table or side tables.
  • Purchase old birdcages at a thrift store and spray paint black. Leave empty, or place a fake, black bird bought at a craft store inside.
  • Hang black plastic pumpkins, fake bats, spiders or skulls from the ceiling to dangle perilously above guests' heads.
  • Find small branches or twigs outside, or at a craft store to create a creepy black tree display. Spray paint the branches black, and place in a clear or black vase. Leave them bare, or hang small ghost, bat or spider decorations from them.
  • Place spiders on the inside of lampshades for a terrifying illusion when the light is turned on. Or, cut out frightening face shapes to place inside the lampshade, giving your living room lighting a spooky expression.
  • Partially spray paint fake fruit black. The spattered paint will give the fruit the appearance of having gone rotten. Arrange the fruit in an antique metal bowl, or on a gothic black platter.
  • Drape white sheets over your couches and chairs for a classic, abandoned house look.

Try some of these Halloween decoration ideas this year to create a frightening and beautiful living room theme. Use the haunting glow of a jack-o-lantern, blood dripped candle or spider filled lamps to set the lighting in your eerie Halloween living room, while spider webs, black trees and skulls rest in peace along your mantel, coffee table and side tables. Simple pillows and candelabras offer reusable decor options, while painted fruit, distressed mirrors and fake birds can be used year after year. 

Last Updated: September 4, 2012
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