Living Room Decor Ideas: Cheap & Chic Ideas for Summer

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Perhaps the greatest thing about summer is how relaxed it makes us feel. The school rush is over, the kids are out having fun, and the weather is perfect for a night (or day!) out on the town. Well, your life is so easy breezy during the summer, so why shouldn't your home décor be, as well?

So next time you're out at your local home decorating shop, don't stress about the big stuff. Instead, focus on the little things. Because after all, what good is a summer vacation if you're not able to sit back and enjoy it?

Fun salad plate - If you've ever had a summer at home, then you know it's snack heaven, for both the kids and yourself. There's always something out to eat, whether it's a hot batch of cookies or some freshly cut fruit. Either way, make the setup cute and fun with a simple ceramic salad plate. Pick a fun design, like fish or flowers, which fit the simplicity of the season. Make sure it's microwave- and dishwasher-safe, as well, because the less hassle, the better.

Cute curtains - Take down those old heavy drapes and put up something fun and light-hearted. Choose something made of cotton fibers, so that it has that light, summer dress look to it. Light colors like white and yellow are great choices, and oversized designs of something like flowers or birds will keep the season's themes out in the open. For something creative, go with several layers of a sheer cotton voile, which will still let the light in, but will keep the heat out.

Weave pendant light - Nothing brings summer to the forefront like the idea of birds chirping. Can't get that in the house? Try the next best thing: a birds' nest hanging lamp. Something with a rough texture and a crisscross weave feel is a great way to cover a hanging pendant above your reading chair. It adds a modern, edgy feel, as well, which is always refreshing in the summer season, when so many homes are going soft and kitschy.

Wicker ottoman - That heavy, velvet-upholstered centerpiece is weighing down your living space during the hot season. Give it the garage treatment for a few months, and replace it with a fun and easy wicker ottoman. It brings the outdoor feel of natural fibers inside, and it's perfect for all kinds of living space activities, such as board games and a fun family game of cards. It's also a good seating choice, should you need an extra chair for a special guest.

Wool-weave pillow - Any wool weave material gives an instantly beach chic feel to a room. Choose one with a soft, natural color palette, such as beige or soft greens, blues and browns. For some extra flare, pick a frontside pattern that evokes summer fun, such as criss-cross hatches or wavy lines. You can throw it on your couch, wicker ottoman or guest chair. Either way, it's instant fun, and easy to boot.

Crochet area rug - Almost any big-box store these days will carry these fun and versatile rugs. They're natural-looking and vibrantly adorable. Choose a crochet material that has more acrylic fibers, so that the material doesn't weight down the room. Vibrant colors like orange, red, and green are perfect for the season, and will brighten up any space in your home. Acrylic materials are also weather- and fade-resistant, so you can feel confident in knowing that this will be around in your home for many summers to come.

Linen throw - Your living space should always have throw blankets, but these can get heavy and musty during the summer months. Choose a breathable collection of throws, such as beglian cotton, and in simple colors that will play down the heat. Neutral hues are best, such as cafe brown, beige or peach.

At the end of the day, your summer living space should be vibrant but simple. Play down any pieces that you need for warmth, and play up the fun, light pieces, like plates and pillows. In the end, you want the room to scream summer, so don't fret too much. Otherwise, you've wasted away your free time, and you won't be able to appreciate the beauty of such a lovely season.

Last Updated: April 26, 2013
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