Traditional Christmas Decoration Ideas For The Living Room

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Christmas is one of the easiest seasons to decorate for, making this holiday fun for even novice interior decorators. This year, try some of these easy décor tips for creating a beautiful and traditional Christmas design theme in your living room. Enjoy the colors and fabrics of winter as you gather around the fireplace, and stop stressing over complicated or expensive decorations.


Before you make or purchase Christmas decorations for your living room, consider the main color scheme. Your decorations should focus on one or two main colors, with several accent colors sprinkled throughout. Traditional Christmas colors are red and green, with accents of blue, gold, white, silver and even purple.

  • Create an even mix of green and red, with touches of accent colors.
  • Or, design with either mainly red, or mainly green, coupled with accent colors.
  • For smaller living rooms, avoid designing with mainly one color, as it can easily make the room appear cramped.
  • Traditionally styled Christmas décor does not feature white, gold, silver, blue or purple as the main design color.


Creating a warm and welcoming environment in your living room is essential to Christmas design and décor. Use the best loved winter fabrics to accessorize couches, chairs and other sitting areas, and keep loved ones comfortable.

  • Wool, cotton and fleece are traditionally used in winter blankets, and make great additions to couches and chairs. Drape these soft, heat-giving accessories over the back of your living room couch, the arm of a chair, or keep folded in a living room storage trunk.
  • Plaid is a very common, traditional pattern for Christmas décor, and is perfect for blankets and pillows. If you do use plaid, select either pillows or blankets in this pattern, as using both can appear overwhelming. Also, choose plaids in red and green, with little to no blue or other colors.
  • Always be careful when using blankets or rugs near the fireplace.
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Candles & Lighting

Candles and lights play a large part in traditional Christmas décor, and are a beautiful way to create warm, glowing light to set the cozy mood in your living room.

  • Use white, green, red, gold or silver pillar candles on coffee tables and side tables. Always use with supervision.
  • If you do want a scent for candles, select traditional Christmas scents like cinnamon, gingerbread, peppermint or apple.
  • Place candles inside large hurricane candleholders, and line them with cranberries, branches and/or small pine boughs. Just be sure none of these décor pieces come near the candle's flame.
  • Surround one or several candles with pine boughs or poinsettia flowers.
  • Tie red and/or green ribbons around candleholders you already own. Attach small bells to the ends of ribbons if you'd like.
  • If you have floating candles, fill the vase or bowl with cranberries and pine needles, then place the floating candles on top. Make sure none of the pine needles touch the candle's flame.
  • Glue candy canes (without curved ends) around the side of a red or white pillar candle.
  • Hang white or multicolored lights over windows. Wrap them around green pine garlands for added substance.


Many homes have traditional Christmas décor handed down from previous generations, and picked up in more recent decoration shopping trips. This design theme easily incorporates old and new, giving your antique treasures a place to sit next to this season's Christmas décor.

  • Place reindeer, pine trees and other traditional Christmas collectibles on tables and windowsills.
  • Wrap small, empty boxes in Christmas wrapping paper and large bows. Set the boxes around you living room as decorations.
  • Hang green pine garlands above windows and doorframes. Adorn with lights, red bows, bells and small ornaments in traditional colors.
  • Affix bows to the frames of mirrors, paintings and photos.
  • Switch out year round floral arrangements with poinsettias, twigs, pine boughs and berries.
  • Hang wreaths above the mantel and over doorways.
  • Don't forget to hang mistletoe in a doorway.
  • Wrap large red or green bows around flower vases, lampstands and plant pots.
  • To give your pillows a Christmas theme without replacing them, wrap them with red or green ribbons, tied in a large bow, resembling one found on a present. This works best with plain white, black, red, green or blue pillows.
  • Check home décor or discount stores for affordable rugs to use only at Christmas. Place a large red, green or white rug under the coffee table, or in front of the fireplace.
  • If you already own a red vase or flowerpot, simply wrap a black belt around it to create the look of a "Santa Clause" vase. Large coffee cans are easily painted red for this purpose as well.
  • Fill clear vases or bowls with Christmas tree ornaments in one or several traditional Christmas colors.
Last Updated: October 23, 2011
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