How To Create A Blue Flower Garden

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Blue flowers in your garden can be one of the most exquisite elements to your outdoor home area. Unlike many other types of garden elements, blue flowers require attention and room for the brilliance they bring to your garden. These flowers deserve to be placed as prominent floral attractions in your yard. What makes blue flowers so special? Blue flowers present a calming and tranquil element to a garden and provide a haven for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Types Of Blue Flowers

Several types of blue flowers are available as bulbs, starters and seeds for year-round or seasonal plantings depending upon where you live.

  • Enjoy hydrangeas, clematis, bluestar, geraniums, delphinium, brunner blue flowers, grape hyacinth, leadplant, bellflower, salvia, balloon flower, aster and morning glory blue flowers to design and plan a garden for an explosion of blue color in a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Perennial blue flowers with a variety of colors extending to purple can bloom throughout the year with basic care.
  • A garden center can advise you on what flowers are optimal bloomers for your climate.
  • Some perennial blue flowers include lavender, coneflower, salvia and meadow sage.
  • Other perennial blue flowers that might require partial or full sun include: cardinal flowers, globe thistle, amsonia and bluestar.
  • Depending upon the requirements of a particular blue flower, soil should also be a consideration, which can be normal to dry.

For annual blue flowers, which can be planted in flower beds, containers or hanging baskets, they will grow best in a normal soil mixture with partial to full sun.

  • A few enjoyable blue flower annuals include: angelonia or summer snapdragon, ageratum or floss flower, aster, bacopa, bellflowers, calibrachoa, cape daisies, cornflower, heliotrope, impatiens, lobelia, morning glory, nemesia, pansy, periwinkles, petunias, phlox, salvia or sage, scaevola or fan flower, verbena and wishbone flower.
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Caring For Blue Flowers

It’s important to care for flowering garden beds in order to get the optimal amount of color and blooms. When growing a garden, consider the sun, water and season for blooms and plant growth. Taking care of blue flowers depends upon the type of blue flowers you include in your garden.

  • For instance, lobelia requires moist soil but not standing water.
  • Depending upon your environment, too much mulch in a temperate environment can kill a lobelia plant.
  • For a vine such as clematis, plenty of sunshine and mulch for cool roots will allow the plant to flourish.
  • When deciding upon blue flowers, consult a garden store and packaging for proper care and maintenance. Each flower is different and requires certain attention with regards to water and sunlight as well as mulching and soil.

Blue Flower Discoveries

Depending upon your climate, blue flowers can be bought as plants, bulbs and seeds for outdoor and indoor enjoyment. A garden center will have an assortment of blue flower ideas for planting as starter plants or seeds. It’s important to understand the soil, sun and irrigation requirements for the blue flowers you plant. Each plant is unique with different requirements and will bloom accordingly. For yearly enjoyment, planting hydrangeas are an option with a great deal of growth and garden coverage potential. On the contrary, pansies can fill out and border and fill gardens for summer enjoyment. In addition, pay attention to soil and shading, which is extremely important to blue flowers as their color brilliance will depend upon the environment.

  • Blue flowers can be exotic plants from around the globe such as a Himalayan poppy or African tulip.
  • These plants require certain environments to thrive.
  • Plants can be brought indoors for year-round enjoyment if living in a harsh seasonal environment.
  • Many blue flowers will make excellent cutting flowers for arrangements.
  • Some plants that will lend themselves to cutting flowers are ageratum, blue lace flowers, centaurea and verbena to name a few.

Discovering the world of blue flowers for your garden can create a relaxing mood and ambiance in any garden or yard. Blue flowers will tend to have lots of purple and violet variations so to find truly blue flowers, be selective. When planting blue flowers among other garden elements, consider the bloom time and how other flowers and plants will appear too.

Timing is everything and it’s a feast for the eyes to have sparkling garden beds, and not cluttered flowers or dying plants wedged together. Plant blue flowers with different blooming times to have a long season of consistent blooms this way your garden is always looking good. Also take note of plant heights and plant taller growing flowers in the back of the garden so shorter flowering plants will be seen.

Last Updated: December 20, 2011
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