Earth Day Activities For Kids

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The importance of Earth Day is to observe the earth and remind those who inhabit it the need to be stewards of it. A spring date of April 22 is usually Earth Day although the spring equinox has also been observed as Earth Day because of its symbolism as a time of rebirth and renewal.

Celebrating and caring for the earth is more important than ever, especially for teaching younger generations the responsibility of preserving the earth’s resources. Children need to know how to care for our planet and celebrating Earth Day is a fun and educational opportunity to present kids with life-long skills.

Earth Day Activities For Kids

  • Teach your children about the world around them in your own backyard or a neighborhood park. Bird watching is an excellent activity for any time of the day, so spend a few minutes learning about the birds in your area. Have kids take a notebook, a guidebook for birds and colored pencils so they can draw the birds they see, as well as learn to identify them through songs and chirping. In addition, kids can count the birds and variety of birds they see and monitor them in the future. Kids can learn what birds do at different times of day, how many species of birds live in the area and what they are doing for food, shelter and other activities. Bird feeders can also be a great source of education too. Helping kids connect to nature is an easy way to nurture their empathy for the planet, and encourage them to preserve wildlife and ecosystems.
  • Teaching your children about soil and dirt is also an educational way to learn about the environment. With a spoon or a small shovel, kids can learn about soil. Have your children make a list of everything in the soil they are digging up, and repeat the process digging deeper every time. The soil changes the deeper your child digs, showing them there is more to the earth than just what you see on the surface. Combine this activity with planting a tree on your property, or while you are working on your existing landscaping.
  • The importance of learning about soil can also lead to helping your children understand why flower and vegetable gardens are important, as well as keeping soil clean and free of toxins. Your small plot of earth is connected to the bigger world at large, and keeping your area healthy is a great way to start cleaning up the planet as a whole.
  • Designate an area of your yard as a garden, and plant fruit trees, vegetables or other edible plants. Have your children design small signs noting which seeds or plants are where.
  • Contact your local parks and recreation department for information on planting trees in your community in celebration of earth day.
earth_day_activities_for_kids ideal home garden earth_day_activities_for_kids ideal home garden

Earth Day Crafts For Kids

With craft sticks and fabric scraps, kids can create a unique flower garden with recycled materials, which is very appropriate for Earth Day. Find colorful fabric scraps and cut them into simple flower shapes, about 1-1.5 inches in diameter. Next, cut small circles and squares and glue them to the center of the flower shapes. Place five craft sticks, side by side with plenty of space between them so one craft stick will stretch across all five horizontally, making a fence. Glue one stick at the top and one at the bottom, about an inch from the edge. After the glue is dry, paint your fence white. Add six different lengths of chenille or green pipe cleaners to your fence with glue, creating flower stems. Add a flower to each stem. Glue the chenille stems to the fence. You can add a background and glue the flower fence to it for a picture that can be hung and framed.

Earth Day Games For Kids

Make Earth Day meaningful with games that teach your children about recycling. For example, for every item your children find in the house that can be recycled, give them points or prizes through one less chore or special treats. In addition, you can create a Bingo game with your children to teach the same ideas about recycling. Explain what objects are good and which are harmful to the environment and place them on a Bingo card. Every time your child points out an object that is on the bingo card, place a stamp over it. This way your child knows the object and what it means for preserving and caring for the planet.

Earth Day is a communal celebration that can be educational and fun. Encouraging your children to celebrate Earth Day is to create a caring environment inside and outside your home. Many communities have Earth Day celebrations to help spread and educate the need to be a steward of the planet. Check your local newspaper and community bulletin boards for Earth Day celebrations in your area.

Last Updated: February 29, 2012
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