How to Make a Tree Stump Teeter-Totter

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A tree stump teeter-totter (seesaw) makes a fun addition to any yard and can be built with several lengths of construction grade lumber in an afternoon.

  1. Begin by cutting the stump 12-inches above the ground.
  2. Purchase a 10-foot 2x8 board and two 10-foot 2x4s for the teeterboard or seat.
  3. Attach the 2x4 to the underside of the 2x8 centered and on edge in a “T” configuration.
  4. Drill through the 2x4 and attach it to the 2x8 with either deck screws or lag bolts.
  5. Cut two pieces of 2x4 24-inches long, and glue and screw these pieces to the center of the 2x8s to reinforce the center section of the teeter-totter.
  6. Drill a 1-inch hole through the reinforced section for the pivot pipe.
  7. Build the attachment bracket out of 2-inch lumber in an inverted “T” configuration and attach this to the stump with 3 or 4-inch lag bolts. The teeter-totter will require two of these.
  8. Bore a 1-inch hole through the attachment bracket for the teeter-totter to pivot. Use 1-inch galvanized pipe with pipe caps to close both ends of the pipe. The attachment bracket should be 12-inches high to the pivot hole and approximately 18-inches long.
  9. When assembled, the teeter-totter should be 24-inches off the ground at the hinge point.

Be sure to test out the teeter-totter before allowing children to use it, and treat the wood for weather resistance. 

Last Updated: January 16, 2013
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