The Top 10 Best Garden Tools

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Keeping your garden green takes a little more than sunshine and water, and having the right tools can make all the difference between lawn disasters and lush landscaping. From the simplest trowel to high tech riding lawn mowers, try some of the best tools for your garden and watch the difference for yourself.

1.Weed Extractors

Every novice gardener and experienced green thumb knows the pain caused by a yard full of weeds. Whether they're surrounding your vegetable garden or choking your favorite flowers, weeds are not only an eyesore, but incredibly destructive to the plants in your garden. In the past, pulling weeds was done by hand, or with the use of small tools called hand-weeders. Either option required the gardener to kneel or sit on the ground, bend over the weed and exert a fair amount of force. Rather than employing this near backbreaking method in your garden, try a weed extractor. Resembling tall metal canes with twisted spikes at the end, these tools are designed to allow the user to remove weeds while comfortably standing. Simply stick the spiked end in the ground over the weed, twist and pull. The weed, and its roots, are scraped from the ground and easily picked up.

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It's basic, it's handy and it's a lot easier than carrying leaves, mulch, fertilizer or just about anything else by hand. Nearly every level of gardener can benefit from owning a wheelbarrow, especially those looking to ease the process of transferring lawn and garden soil, sand and waste. Available in various sizes, having a wheelbarrow handy at your home can easily speed up garden projects, prevent messes from spilled or split bags and assist with transporting otherwise awkward landscaping stones, accessories and materials.


The trowel acts as the chameleon of your garden tool arsenal, making itself useful for a wide variety of tasks. Use this simple hand shovel to dig holes for seeds, bulbs and fully grown plants, smooth soil after planting, remove weeds and more. Offered in numerous sizes, shapes and styles, find a trowel with a comfortable handle and measurement markers on the blade to show exactly how deep you're digging.

4.Spades And Shovels

Though they look similar, garden spades and shovels are two separate tools, with two separate sets of uses. Keep a garden shovel handy for scooping up piles of soil, fertilizers and gravel, as well as digging up plants for removal or replanting. The shovel's angled blade makes it perfect for piercing the ground for just about anything requiring a moderately sized hole. Spades, however, feature a flat, straight blade designed for cutting into grass, edging and smoothing soil or sod.


Also known as pruning shears, secateurs are a garden must-have for trimming, snipping and cutting. Use on plants to cut off dead leaves, flowers to prune and small garden wires or tubes that need to be cut. Depending on the size and strength of the blades, secateurs can even be used to trim small tree and bush branches.


Another garden basic, the rake is essential for collecting material otherwise requiring a leaf blower or hand clean up. The most useful in fall, rakes are a necessity for autumn leaf clean up. Use this tool the rest of the year for garden trimmings, fallen leaves, spreading soil and more.

7.Riding Lawn Mowers

Where lawn mowing was once a tedious, tiring and extremely physical garden task, riding lawn mowers have made it fun. Offering plush seats, cup holders and pedal acceleration, mowing your lawn has become a near luxurious experience. While riding mowers are typically several hundred to a thousand dollars more than push mowers, the ever growing list of amenities can make the bigger price tag worth it.

8.Hedge Trimmers

Handheld hedge trimmers have made what was once a messy, clipping-filled process neat and tidy. Cut edges and trim growth on bushes and hedges with a trimmer designed to catch clippings, replacing a cleanup process that used to take extra time and effort. While you shape and maintain your landscaping, you'll also be catching great material for mulch.

9.Watering Wand

Offering the reach of a watering can with the resources of a hose, this attachment allows you to easily water hanging plants, wide flower beds, vegetable gardens and more. The long, metal extension screws onto your existing garden hose and distributes a steady shower of water two feet or more past the reach or your arm.

10.Garden Vacuum

Acting like a reverse leaf blower, the garden vacuum offers the convenience of in-home vacuum cleaners for the outdoors. Quickly suck up grass clippings, leaves, dirt or debris on walkways, and anything else you'd like to remove from your yard. Some models also offer a leaf blower setting, and various nozzle attachments make the vacuum equipped for nearly every garden job.

With options for every budget, the top 10 garden tools this fall are designed to make your time outdoors easier. Increase the curb appeal of your home, enjoy working outdoors and recycle garden waste with the help of these great gadgets.

Last Updated: August 7, 2011
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