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Here are some quick recipes that you can use when that unexpected guest comes. Needless to say, these recipes have to be not only easy but also tasty. These five certainly fit the bill nicely:

Chicken Fajitas with Dip Sauce

    • Chicken Fajita meat = 2 cups
    • Lettuce = chopped
    • Tomatoes = chopped
    • Cheddar cheese = 2 cups, shredded
    • Cream cheese = 16 ounces
    • Taco sauce = 1 bottle
    • Taco seasoning = 1 pack
    • Jalapeno and black olive slices


Take a baking dish and spread the cream cheese and the taco seasoning in the dish. Place the chicken on top of the seasoning. Coat this with taco sauce, as much as desired. Then, add a layer of shredded cheese. Bake this in an oven for about 20 minutes at a temperature of 350 F. Finally, garnish with the rest of the ingredients and serve with tortillas.

Mutton Threads

    • Mutton = 9 ounces, boneless
    • Onions = 2, cut into vertical thin slices
    • Soy sauce = 2 and a half tablespoonfuls
    • Garlic = 1 clove, sliced
    • Refined oil = 3 tablespoonfuls
    • Salt and Pepper


First, boil the mutton in a pressure cooker. When done, cut them into very thin slices. They must resemble threads. In a pan, put the oil, fry onions, and garlic. Introduce the mutton threads and stir continuously. Add the soy sauce, salt, and pepper. Finally, toss everything for some time and serve when hot.

Prawn Balls

    • Prawns = 1 cupful, shelled and steamed
    • Egg = 1
    • Carrots, French Beans, Cabbage, Peas = 1 bowl in total, steamed
    • Cornflower = 1 tablespoonful
    • Ginger = 1 inch
    • Salt to taste


First, take the steamed prawns in a food processor and mince them. Add a little water if required. Put the prawns in a pan after draining them. Turn the flame on so that the rest of the water evaporates. Take them off the flame and let them cool. Next, add the vegetables, egg and spices. Mix everything well and then roll them into small kabob-sized balls. Fry them in oil and serve them when hot; you may serve it with ketchup or dip.

Foot Long Sandwich

    • Foot long bread = 1
    • Salami = 6 pieces
    • Capsicum and Tomato = 1 each
    • Onion Rings = 5 to 6
    • Cheese Spread = half a bowl
    • Cheese Cubes = 2
    • Butter = 2 tablespoonfuls
    • Tomato Sauce = 3 tablespoonfuls
    • Cottage Cheese or paneer = 3 and a half ounces
    • Salt and pepper to taste


First, cut the foot long from the middle and open it for the filling. Grease it with the butter. Add tomato sauce on the inside of both the halves. Follow this with the cheese spread. Next, place the onion rings, capsicum, and tomato slices and then add the salami. Keep the cottage cheese. Then, grate the cheese cubes and add. Add salt and pepper. Heat in an oven and serve.

Mushroom Cutlets

    • Mushrooms = 7 ounces, chopped finely
    • Potatoes = 3 large ones, boiled and mashed
    • Onions = 2 large ones, chopped
    • Green peas = Half a cup, boiled
    • Green peppers = 4, chopped
    • Ginger = Half an inch long, chopped
    • Bread Slices = 3
    • Oil = 2 tablespoonfuls
    • Red Chili powder = 1 teaspoonful


First, heat the oil in a pan. Add the onion, followed by the chili and the ginger. Cook until the onions turns a shade of golden. Then add the mushrooms. Continue cooking them for five minutes. They should lose their moisture and become brown. Next, introduce the peas and sprinkle the red chili powder and the salt and the rest of the spices. Remove from the heat. Then, add the potatoes, mashed, and the bread, crumbled. Shape into oval shaped kabobs and shallow-fry them in oil. They must turn brown on either side. Serve when hot.


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Last Updated: January 18, 2012
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