Create A Home Arts And Crafts Room

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If you enjoy creating scrapbooks, decorating photo frames, wrapping presents, making jewelry and a variety of other crafts, having your own home arts and crafts studio is the perfect way to pursue your hobbies. Design a fun, inspirational, well-organized and fully stocked space for all your materials, designs and finished crafts.

Pick A Space

Before you can begin creating your very own arts and crafts room, you must select the area or room you will place it in. If you have a spare bedroom, den or office space available, these make great rooms to dedicate to your crafts. If you don't have a full room to spare, find a corner or wall in a guest bedroom, den, family room or bedroom where you can set up your materials. You will need enough room for:

  • A table or desk.
  • A comfortable chair.
  • Shelving, Chests or sets of moveable drawers for craft storage.
  • Side tables or wall shelving to display finished work or set down work in progress.
  • Room for any friends or family members who also enjoy working on arts and crafts with you.
  • Desk and floor lamps for added lighting.
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Design To Inspire

Because this room or area is designed specifically for creativity, it must inspire creativity itself. Neutral walls, muted floors and poor lighting will only stifle your creative instincts, and reflect poorly on the potential of your crafts. Create a room targeted to inspire and excite using colors, fabrics and lighting.

  • Pick your favorite color to paint the walls, even if it is non-traditional. If bright green inspires you, do it. If you do not have an entire room for your crafts area, try hanging photos, paintings or wall art incorporating your favorite color.
  • Replace drab carpet flooring with colorful laminate if possible. Any paint, glue or other materials spilled can be easily cleaned up, and the various colors and patterns available in laminate will make one of the largest spaces in your crafts area that much more intriguing.
  • Include any artwork that inspires you. Hang photos of your favorite city, paintings by your favorite artist, or crafts by other hobbyists who inspire you.
  • Install ceiling, desktop or floor lighting to increase visibility. Use fun or intricately designed fixtures to make lighting decorative and functional. Not being able to adequately view your projects will hinder your progress and creativity.


Once you have selected and designed your arts and crafts space or room, it's time to install proper organizational tools and furniture. Crafts and materials can easily pile up, become damaged or lost, so keeping your area neat with adequate storage can seriously increase your productivity and the room's aesthetic appeal. Depending on your budget and available space, consider purchasing some of the following:

  • Small plastic drawers for markers, paints, chalk, etc.
  • Drawer dividers for very small materials like beads, buttons, stickers and more.
  • Floating shelves to display completed crafts and keep safe from damage.
  • Paper sized shelving units to keep craft paper from being torn or bent in drawers or folders.
  • Storage cabinets for larger items like sewing machines, hot glue guns, fabric staplers, etc.
  • A dedicated desk or table for creating crafts, separate from where they are left once completed, or set aside to be finished later.
  • Trash cans to immediately dispose of unwanted materials.
  • White boards or chalk boards to keep track of ideas and inspirations while you work.
  • Cups to store pens, pencils, highlighters and other utensils needed frequently.
  • Hooks to hang scissors, pliers and other tools.
  • A first aid kit for accidental cuts and scrapes while working with craft tools.

Select Your Materials

Depending on which crafts you enjoy the most, your arts and crafts room will need to be stocked with a variety of materials ready to support and design whatever you like. Painters should have a large supply of brushes in various sizes, paint colors, palettes to mix paint on, paper, canvas and easels. Jewelry makers should have a wide selection of beads, jewels, metal clasps and wire, string or chains to create their designs. Scrapbook lovers should always have a large supply of paper in various colors, stickers, glue and various accessories to decorate their pages. One of the biggest hindrances to creativity is missing a material you need, and having to stop your work.

Designing your own arts and crafts room takes time, space, organization and the proper materials. Design the room to inspire your work, and use colors you love, combined with inspirational photos, artwork or crafts. Stock your crafts area with all the materials you'll need, and your arts and crafts room is ready to use.

Last Updated: August 7, 2011
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