How To Decorate Your Foyer For Christmas

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Christmas is such a wonderful time of year, filled with celebrations, gift giving and get-togethers. With guests likely to be coming to your home during the holiday season, you want your entire house to be a welcoming reflection of the joys of Christmas.

Your foyer is the first glimpse of your home visitors will see, so decorating it beautifully should be a priority. Don't leave your entryway to the end of your decorating efforts, and then slap up whatever you have left over. Give some thought to creating an inviting entry with Christmas decorations that set the tone for the rest of the house.

Front Door and Frame

Surrounding the front door with holiday adornments lets your guests know they are in for something special as soon as they step over the threshold.

  • For a traditional look, edge your doorframe with pine garland, accented with red bows and small white lights.
  • Go a bit more glam with tinsel garland in silver or gold, twinkling with small lights and amplified with metallic glass ball ornaments.
  • Set a country feel with a string of garland created from small calico fabric strips tied over pine boughs, and set off with red berry sprays.

The door itself should be decorated to complement the frame's edging.

  • A pine garland wreath with a simple red bow finishes the traditional look.
  • Your glamorous door shouldn't go overboard, so accentuate the glittery doorframe with a wreath made of wire silver-star garland twined into a circle.
  • Set off your country door by tying more of the calico strips around a grapevine wreath, and positioning a fabric Santa, snowman or Christmas tree in the wreath's center.
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Entry Floor

Don't overlook your foyer's floor when decorating for the holidays. Swap your everyday entry mat for a holiday touch of bright color.

  • Your traditional entry will be cheered with a mat in red or green, decorated with a simple pattern of poinsettia, Christmas trees or snowmen.
  • Set off a sparkling entry with a mat in a solid gold or deep green accented with a bit of metallic trim.
  • A country home continues the theme with a floor mat decorated with rustic Christmas trees, animals or Santas.

Entry Table Display

If your foyer is large enough to have a small table near the door, you can create a wonderful holiday display.

  • Set up a lighted holiday village display, with a bed of faux snow for a wintery feel.
  • A centerpiece of pine boughs can be accented with thick pillar candles in hurricane glass holders surrounded with pinecones and berry sprays.
  • Cover the table with a fabric runner embroidered with metallic thread, then display a glass bowl filled with silver, gold, white and clear glass ornaments. Accent with silver candles.
  • Show off a collection of beautiful reindeer figures, or vintage angels.
  • Spotlight your treasured primitive Santas or a tiny tabletop tree decorated with roughhewn cloth ornaments.
  • Set a patchwork or braided wool table runner on the entry table, then top with a basket filled with pinecones, interesting twigs, pine boughs and berry sprays.

Make Use of the Ceiling

Don't neglect the ceiling when decorating your entry. You can hang a variety of items from the entry light, or use wire to dangle decorations from the ceiling. Make sure to keep hanging items high enough so visitors don't hit their heads.

  • Mistletoe is a classic for hanging overhead.
  • Attach a large red bow to the light fixture.
  • Dangle glass ornaments on ribbon from the entry ceiling.
  • Suspend a few gold paper lanterns for a whimsical look.
  • Tie paper or plastic snowflakes to fishing wire and hang them at varying heights for a wintery feel.
  • Hang primitive stars from the light on thick ribbon.

Stairway Banisters

If you have a staircase with its base near the foyer, be sure to decorate it to carry the Christmas theme into the house.

  • Wind pine garland around the base of the banister from top to bottom, then weave the garland around the banister to the top of the stairs. Add red bows to punctuate the garland at the bottom, the middle and the top of the banister.
  • If you are decorating with a sparkly style, use tinsel garland to weave between the banister slats, then add a few metallic balls to punctuate the shine. Tie strips of iridescent fabric around banister posts every couple of feet, forming large bows that will reflect the light in shimmering patterns.
  • Give your stairs country flair with pine garland decorated with fabric stars and candy canes. Tie calico bows around the banister, and hang a few jingle bells from the center of the bows.

Whatever your decorating taste, your entryway should set the theme and show guests that you welcome the holidays. Your foyer gives the first impression of your home; so don't neglect to decorate it in your favorite Christmas style.

Last Updated: November 20, 2011
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