8 Tips on How to Decorate a Loft

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A loft apartment is similar to a loft in a normal home in that it is an open space directly under the roof of the building. Loft apartments are typically large, open living spaces made from a section of an industrial building that has been converted for residential use. Another type of loft apartment is a two-story unit with an open bedroom section on the second floor that is separated from the rest of the unit by a ladder or flight of stairs rather than a wall and closed door. If you've decided on living in this type of residence, you've been handed one of the most unique design opportunities a person can get. Here are a few quick tips to help you decorate your loft apartment. Have fun with it!

1.Define Your Space

When you go without walls, it's sometimes hard to tell where one space ends and where the next one begins. For loft apartments, make sure that you properly define the space that is allowed for your guests, and the space that is restricted to only you. Start by determining how much of your bedroom you want to reveal to your guests. If you don't want to give your guests a full view of your living quarters, try to block your bedroom section with makeshift walls made from furniture, or Japanese-style sliding walls.

2. Be Playful with Paint

Since you have such an open floor space, you don't need to feel limited when it comes to choosing paint. You can opt for lighter colors, or go bold with dark and vibrant patterns. Whatever you choose, you do need to keep in mind that your space will be seen from other parts of the house, and you have to at least maintain some sort of cohesiveness with the other elements of design. If you can see your bedroom from your living room, make sure that the paint doesn't clash. Get to know your color wheel!

3. Placing Your Bed

To give yourself a bit of privacy and security, try placing your bed against the back wall of your loft. Not only will you prevent yourself from taking a tumble into the downstairs abyss, but you will also keep your most intimate part of your bedroom from public view. You can also place your bed in a corner section of your loft for added security, and to make your bedroom area feel less open.

4. Make Bold Statements with Your wall décor

Not only are you decorating the walls of your bedroom, you're decorating a focal point of your entire residence. Guests will have a panoramic view of your entire living space, so you want to make sure that you equip your walls with some seriously stunning décor. Don't be afraid to make bold choices. Hang a huge vintage poster of your favorite band, or a large photograph of your favorite city's skyline. You certainly have the room for it, so think big!

5. Make a Statement with Your Floor

One of the great things that sets a loft aside from any other type of residence is all that open floor space! Chances are your loft will be equipped with some pretty neat hardwood floors. Make them your own by adding a floor rug to accent your walls and your furniture. Choose a pattern that plays well with your paint. Use multiple rugs of different colors and styles to separate different sections of your loft.

6. Window Treatments

Chances are, if you have a great loft, you have some great windows to go with it. Another great thing about lofts is they almost always have an incredible view. Ditch the clumsy blinds, and dress up the windows with curtains that will frame that awesome view.

7. Give Yourself Some Privacy

You will undoubtedly get tired of people getting a look into your most intimate room in the house. Set up a screen in the corner of your bedroom area where you can change. You don't want to have to run into the bathroom every time you change your pants, or get ready for bed. There's no reason a loft can't provide some privacy too.

8. Choose the Right Furniture

Lofts definitely have a much more contemporary feel than other types of space. If you want to play up your loft, choose furniture that fits the style. Go for a contemporary steel look, or choose darker wood pieces to accent the inherent style of your loft. Avoid unfinished wood grain; you run the risk of having a room that looks less like a loft and more like a model home.

Consider yourself lucky, you have one of the coolest types of rooms around. If you want to make sure that your loft is exactly what you want it to be, keep the empty space in mind. There is no space saving to worry about in a loft apartment. Instead, you need to think about how you can utilize all that free space to make your loft apartment feel cozy and cool at the same time.

Last Updated: January 18, 2012
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