Playroom Decorating and Design Ideas

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A playroom is an area of the home where your children can run around and play freely. Think of it as an indoor playground. This will give them a designated area that will save the rest of your home from the mess and clutter that children are capable of. If you're having trouble with tackling a playroom design, try asking your children for some ideas, and if you still need more help, then check out some of the ideas below.


Here is a useful tip for painting a play room: Let your kids do all the work. Okay, maybe not all the work, but definitely get them in on the playroom painting project.

The main purpose of a play room is to create a space for your kids to, well, play! Let them start having their fun from the very beginning by allowing them to participate in the decorating and design of their little fun zone. Now, that might not seem like such a good idea after remembering the undesired hand painting your child displayed on the dining room table, or the crayon calligraphy on their bedroom wall. But, there are ways to invoke your child's creativity and artistic desire to splash paint on a large canvas, like a play room wall:

  • Save a wall for your little artist: Paint three of the playroom walls with your original color scheme, but use the fourth wall as a blank canvas for your child to paint on.
  • Give them something to paint: Use a pencil or chalk and stencil some designs for your child to color in with paint. If you've decided on a specific theme, make outlines that will match that theme. For example, make an outline of a tree and the sun then have your child color in the outlines for a daytime theme.
  • Renewable canvas: Section off a portion of the wall for your child to create freehand drawings or paintings. You can use a fresh coat of white paint to wipe out their artwork once they're ready to make new ones.

Giving your child a specific area where they can display their creativity might help prevent them from expressing their artistic aspirations all over the walls in the hallway or brand on the new sofa.


A playroom is a place where you can get really creative with a room theme. Ask your kids for ideas of what themes they would enjoy in their playroom. Universal themes work well because they will grow with your child and don't need to be changed. Some universal themes might be:

  • Nature
  • Outer-space
  • The ocean
  • The beach
  • Sports
  • Castles
  • Animals


Once you've got all that painting out of the way, you can finally start moving in the furniture. But wait, what kind of furniture are you supposed to use for a playroom?

A couch might work well in the living room, but it's an open invitation for mayhem and destruction in a playroom. Okay, maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but a couch is most certainly at risk of being ruined or destroyed when placed in a playroom, especially if you've got very active and imaginative children. You see a couch, but they see a trampoline, or a spaceship, or an impenetrable fortress, replete with sofa cushions for defensive projectiles.

You want to choose furniture that is both safe and durable. Here are some furniture ideas for your playroom:

  • Bean bags: These are excellent alternatives to sofas and chairs. They are safe, fun, easy to repair and incredibly comfortable.
  • Soft play: Soft, cushioned blocks and climbers make for great furniture in a playroom. Soft play style furniture is designed for children, and works well for creating an indoor playground. Soft cushioned blocks can be used as a table or chair.
  • Toy chest: A toy chest or storage bin is a must-have piece of furniture for a playroom. This will give your kids a place to store their toys and other personal belongings. A storage bench would be a great, multi-functional piece of furniture for a playroom.
  • Small tables and chairs: A small table, with small stools or chairs to match work well in a playroom. This creates a workspace for your kids that might be lacking in their bedroom due to a lack of space. Try not to purchase tables or chairs that are too small, you want the furniture to be able to grow with your children. Look for plastic, kid-friendly tables and chairs since they usually have rounded corners and are safe for children.


The décor you choose for your child's playroom should match the theme or colors of the room. When thinking of colors for the décor, and for the entire playroom in general, look at the most basic colors on the color-wheel like:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Purple

Here are some ideas for playroom décor:

  • Folding mat for playing and activities on the floor
  • "Alphabet" wall art, wallpaper or stickers
  • "Numbers" wall art, wallpaper or stickers
  • Barn animal wall art, wallpaper or stickers

When you're thinking about playroom decorating and design ideas, try to be as imaginative as your children. You want your children to have an environment that promotes fun and creativity. Allowing your children to participate in the decorating and design of their playroom is a great way to start.

Last Updated: January 20, 2012
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